Friday, April 29, 2022

Pretty Birds and critters

I took the bird feeder down a while ago when the DNR in our area notified the public regarding the Avian Flu that was in our state. However, this little tub is my boot tub where I rinse the mud off from my boots before going on to the porch.

I'm kind of anal about keeping the porch clean. 

We were having our morning coffee when I spotted some color on my porch rocks and the boot tub!

I was lucky to have my camera right next to me and I had removed the screen from the window to take shots out the window this winter so I got some sort of clear shots of these guys!

They are Yellow-rumped Warblers that migrate through our area and head north. 

Chalk this up to another bird I've never seen before.

The one below should be either a Hairy or Downey Woodpecker. All the woodpeckers love this tree!

Here is Sven, the goat in the new little lot that he is supposed to work on cleaning up. He seemed more concerned about the new area and where I was going than eating.

And here is my 24 yr old red mule lazying about:  

Yes she is wooly! The mules are just starting to shed.

This one looks pretty thin. The hot wires are on my side of the barbed wire fence that separates my pasture with the neighbor's pasture. He rarely maintains his fence so I put up a hot wire to keep my guys from going through to his side and getting caught in the barbs.

Our littlest mule used to jump the fence and browse on the neighbor's land and then jump back when he wanted to be with the rest of the herd.

At 37, he doesn't jump fences anymore. Poor old fella he is running out of teeth but no one makes dentures for aged mules. He is really starting to lose weight. His comparison to human years could make him about 105 years old. 

Well, that is the farm report.

Nothing too exciting here. Cold weather and cloudy. 

I worked on the fencing back in the woods. Clipping back multiflora rose and briars is not a job for those with faint hearts or those who don't have heavy gloves.


  1. What beautiful and unusual coloring on your birds!

  2. Far Side calls those things "Butter Butts" ( Cool name) They are so lovely. Wish we had them in Iowa. ( Probably do, I just have never seen them before. The Hairy Woodpecker looks cool. Looks like he has a red chin.

  3. Nice bird find & pics! I just read there are 51 different Warblers. Jaw drop. I will never be good at this birding ID thingee, but I will always have things to learn :) Your mules look so content & sweet!

    1. Someone on the photography website group for LaCrosse put up a chart for Warblers! There are so many!
      Thanks, the mules are pretty happy. They could use someone to groom them 24 hrs a day right now! Shedding!

  4. We call them Butter butts! :0 They are not here yet. We stopped feeding the birds too...which is sad as there isn't much food out there for the birds. Sven looks great!

    1. They are still here. I wonder if they are going to stick around or are eating so they can move north? I like Butter Butts as a name!


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