Thursday, May 26, 2005

Morning dew

wild blue bells
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Some days it is really worth it to get soaking wet by the morning dew. I went out with my JRT Morris for a bit this morning into the timber. Something about the morning light really makes my day.

I ran into these pretties unexpectedly. With the cattle gone from the woodland now for a year I am finding surprising wildflowers at each hike I take.

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

The Troll...

gold sunrise
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I look forward to each new day and what it is going to bring. This morning though, I woke up as grumpy as all get out. I guess it is from a week of all of the farm chores resting on my shoulders.

I am so tired of being 'wonderwoman'...always cheerful at work, always cheerful at home. My fibromyalgia is making my fingers feel like damned stubs, my body says..enough! I have a birthday staring me in the face, and new grey hairs and wrinkles where I didn't have them before.

I wonder if I am allowed to have a grumpy day or not. I think I'd rather spend today holed up in the backwoods, not being polite to the public at work, and being nice at home.

Kinda feel like the troll under the bridge...don't walk over me!

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Three Amigos

Grandpa and Daddy
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I can't help but look at this and feel warm inside. My husband is so at peace with his grandchild, it seems the ghosts of Vietnam don't haunt him when he is with her. With her he has the patience of a saint.
Grandpas and Grandbabies, they just go hand in hand.

Those eyes

Those eyes
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Those eyes say Hello World, Look Out Here I Come!
My grandaughter is a wonder at 18months old. I am enchanted by her curiosity just as I was with my own children. I must say that I am jealous of her other grandma who gets to watch her 5 days a week.
Yep it would be quite a task, but I think I would love it very much.

I just can't get enought of those eyes!

Sunday, May 15, 2005


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Any day is a good day even if it rains. There is always something to see if you look closely. There is always beauty if you care to find it.
Hmm, seems like I am being sort of thoughtful tonite.

I DO love spring.

Thursday, May 12, 2005


Fall sunset
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Look up, look at the stars. Breath deep the clear night air, the cool crisp spring air. Breath it in gulps and stand silent in the deep woods listening to the night music. The owls hoot loudly, the coyotes yip their defiance of humans, a night bird sings…

These are some of the very reasons I find each day worth living to its fullest. Sometimes I think I live in an enchanted forest.
As I walk through the green lush woodland, I expect to see Robin Hood and his men pop out of the brush any momment.

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

One day at a time

Good day again. Started the day in a fog, a mind boggling mind fog. I could barely function. I ached between my shoulders, my knees felt like they'd been hit with a ball pin hammer, in short...I felt like doo-doo.
After I left work I came home and promptly began to mow the yard. Mindless yard mowing. Strip after strip of flying dandylion heads and grass.
I was sure that I'd be miserable tonite.
What a huge surprise. My shoulders feel great, the pain in the knees is gone.
Just before sunset I planted flower bulbs and weeded my flower garden. Most of my yard work is done for the week...
So I can ride!

Monday, May 09, 2005

Signs in the sky

ridge sunset
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Red sky at dawn,
Sailers be warned.
Red sky at night,
Sailers delight.

Grandma used to teach me signs of weather in the sky. She could tell the weather better than the forecaster could.

If there is enough blue sky to make a Dutchman's breeches, it will clear.
So I always wondered, just how big was a Dutchman?

If the clouds look like horse tails,
Ran in 24 hrs.

If the maples and poplar leaves turn their backs to the wind,
head for shelter.

Grandma was almost always right. I should have listened better as a child.

It is nice to be me

tulip insides
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I like being an individual and not marching to the beat of someone else's drum.

My Mothers Day was pretty uneventful, spent mostly working at MIL's house, listening to my know-it-all SIL. My free time was spent climbing trees and taking pictures. I taught my Jack Russell Terrier to climb up with me.

When my SIL heard I'd been climbing trees she told me to act my age. I laughed...and what age is that?

Friday, May 06, 2005

Nature, just do it.

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The eyes have it. I love these eyes. They have peace and serenity in them.

I hiked without my cameras yesterday. Shouldn't do that. There was a bald eagle that soared over us, so effortless and so majestic. We see baldies over by the river often, but rarely inland here.

We listened to Orioles sing, a wren scold, and watched in utter amazement at an old oak tree that was splitting at the top. The woods were quiet except for the birds...this tree popped and crackled, slowly losing its top.

Hubby and I just stood and watched for a long time.
Nature, get out in it!

Thursday, May 05, 2005

Nite out...

Well I hadn't done anything special in a week or so with my husband so last night I asked him out on a date. Well, ok my 'dates' are not like anyone else's. We donned our nite lites and grabbed Ugly Nick and Jetta, two coon hounds. Ugly Nick is a grade dog. He has a great personality but is darn right ugly. His head is HUGE with small lab ears. His body is super long and his tail is short, he wieghs nearly as much as I do. He is part black and tan which is a breed my husband really admires in hounds. Jetta in contrast is a beauty. She is properly proportioned with extra long ears and a voice that makes the heavens sing when she bays on track.
However she is a $2,500 dog that cannot hunt solo.

Off into the dark we walk with the hounds. We released them and then spent about a half hour listening for them. It was beautiful. Several hoot owls started talking rapidly in the trees around us, the stars were shining...
But no dogs baying.

Far off in the distance I think I hear Nick or Jetta, I can't tell. After walking through some of the thickest nastiest brush in the dark for an hour, we find the dogs. Treed. We love them up and put thier leashes on. My husband peers around and starts laughing. We walk into a neighbor's pasture and up into an open field.
We could've gone this way the first time.

But then our 'date' would have been boring.

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

wild rose

wild rose
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It is May 4th and it was 19° this morning. The water in the watering tank was hard on top! I grabbed my camera and my Jack Russell and off we gallavanted through the neighbors woods just after sunrise. The frost on the grass, leaves, and everywhere was so pretty.
This is our third day of a 'killing' frost which might have a real impact on some of our local apple orchards.

A Princess and I

She is a Donkey, her name is Princess. Up until last nite she was just 'halter' broke. After she lost her twins a month ago, I told my husband that I was going to start her to ride. Well last nite was our first lesson. It went so well that I am so encouraged. Princess is my first Donkey that I've started.
Last nite I taught her to pick up her feet for me. She used to swat at everything when it got near her rear feet. In other words she was a kicker and has been a real challenge to trim. I had been after my husband for 18 months to let me work with her. I should have started earlier! Princess learned to trust me [I think we'd established some of that during that past 18 months] enough to walk onto a 'donkey eating' walk through a pile of scattered wood, to let me toss blankets, plastic bags, and a bag with aluminum cans on top of her.
We've gone through basic training on halter and lead rope. Next we will see how she likes a saddle!

Sunday, May 01, 2005

The Pleasure of Mule Training

I am always amazed at my training sessions with my little red mule 'Sunshine'. Her attitude is always kind and gentle, willing to please. This is one of the reasons Rich and I decided to train her specifically for a child. Our grandchild Ariel. So here I am out on a blustery evening, wearing coveralls and my ever so present Elmer Fudd hat working with Sunshine. I have her on a halter and lead rope and we are playing games. Like: Statue. She has to stand still while I drop her lead rope and pick up her feet and place them...she stands still while I pull on her tail and hop around her waving my arms. [at this point, Sunshine and my husband are sure that I have lost all my marbles]
Then I lead her over to some tall grass where I let her nibble. I toss the lead line on her back and literally use her as a jungle gym. Climb on, climb off...from either side.
She takes it all in stride.
She is going to be an awesome little mule.
Ariel may just have to fight grandma for her.