Sunday, May 01, 2005

The Pleasure of Mule Training

I am always amazed at my training sessions with my little red mule 'Sunshine'. Her attitude is always kind and gentle, willing to please. This is one of the reasons Rich and I decided to train her specifically for a child. Our grandchild Ariel. So here I am out on a blustery evening, wearing coveralls and my ever so present Elmer Fudd hat working with Sunshine. I have her on a halter and lead rope and we are playing games. Like: Statue. She has to stand still while I drop her lead rope and pick up her feet and place them...she stands still while I pull on her tail and hop around her waving my arms. [at this point, Sunshine and my husband are sure that I have lost all my marbles]
Then I lead her over to some tall grass where I let her nibble. I toss the lead line on her back and literally use her as a jungle gym. Climb on, climb off...from either side.
She takes it all in stride.
She is going to be an awesome little mule.
Ariel may just have to fight grandma for her.

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  1. LOL! Don't you have a video camera, Val? ;) I bet that was a sight to see!


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