Saturday, September 30, 2023

I 'yam a tired hiker!

So The Grandma said that Charlie needed a rest and that she wanted to take me to something called the Reserve to hike trails.
I don't know what a Reserve is, I do know trails though.

She said it was a good day to go because it had rained and the trails were closed to horses and bikes where we were going and that meant I didn't have to deal with MONSTERS!

 I was so alert and so full of it that The Grandma put on a long line and my chain leash. I was pulling and charging a lot because every time an acorn dropped I was sure it was a squirrel. I kept staring up into the trees and watching for other Wild-ed Animals. 

The Grandma was afraid I'd bolt and get away on the little leash so she had her long cord on me too. I never did bolt, but I sure did a lot of pulling in certain parts of the trail. I even tracked deer, coyote, and raccoon tracks!

The Grandma said she I gave her arms a good workout with my pulling.

I didn't care, I was having a good time. She also said that I was useful going up steep hills and if I stayed with her in the winter I could be her sled dog. 
Neat. What is a sled dog? Charlie wasn't around to ask.

The trails went on and on and on! The Grandma said she knew where we were going even though I was the one leading. Several times I would have just gone off through the woods because I smelled very interesting things in the distance.

On one section of the trail the Grandma kept stopping because there were so many interesting tiny things.

I was really good about that. I sat next to her or tried to stand on top of her to see what she was looking at.

She had strange names for these things. 

Bear's Head Tooth Fungi

Gem Studded Puffball

Oh oh oh! And there was so much more! But these little things really didn't interest me at all. I liked smelling much more. I took the time to watch the trees for squirrels.

I figured since the Grandma and I were out all by ourselves, I would need to protect her from the squirrels in case they attacked. 

She probably needs protection from all the forest things! Which made me think which I can sometimes do...... 

How does Charlie protect her? 

We finally made it back to the car.

...and before we left the parking area....

I hiked with the Grandma and survived the big scary wonderful woods! 

I 'yam a Hiker too!

Thursday, September 28, 2023

I 'yam a Farming Dog!

 Guest Blog by Twila

Charlie says I am a Wild Child and I don't know much about much. Maybe he is right because HE is an OLD dog like anciently or something. 
The Grandma says I am still a pup since I am just like a year into this world.

But I like sticks and The Grandma gave me a huge one that I can play with in the yard.

Day Two of my Grandma-Grandpa Camp visit went well. We hiked in the Big Woods again and took what The Grandma called the One Mile Loop. I don't know what a Loop is and I don't need to know.

Charlie and I investigated some smells in a dry run full of leaves. He told me about all the animals that had passed through this place in the hours before we came. We investigated for a long time, following scents on the ground and in the air.

Even though Charlie is VERY old [he says he isn't], he knows stuff so it is good to hang out with him.

He knows these woods like it is his yard. Well, he claims these woods are his because he marks as many trees as he can to claim them.

There were things falling from the trees and making noise everywhere. Charlie told me that they were acorns and that we could watch for squirrels.
I know squirrels! I would like to chase them!

There were chipmunks too that kept teasing us. 

The Grandma was interested in all the cool fungi showing up on the wood and sticks. I didn't bother picking any up as the other smells were much more enchanting.

I was a really good dog. The Grandma said so! When she wanted to look at something little, she told me to sit and I did! 
I will tell you a secret. She keeps tiny little dog biscuits in a plastic bag in her pocket. When she rattles the plastic Charlie and I run to sit in front of her.

Here I posed for a photo for Mom and Dad. A tiny biscuit was my reward. Aren't I adorable?

We were tired when we got in the house and ready for dog naps. Good thing too! It rained and rained and rained.

After naps, The Grandma said it was time for one more walk to the ridge. I don't know what a ridge is either, but Charlie said it was an open area where were could see far if we were tall. Charlie IS not Tall!

After our Big Ridge Walk we came home and had our supper. 

...and more naps.

The Grandma said that Charlie and The Grandpa would get a break from me on Thursday. She thought I'd like to go do a real trail at some place with her.  Charlie said he'd stay home and rest because his little legs were tired and dealing with a kid was stressful so he need quiet time.

I got to see something called mules last night too. I helped The Grandma do chores even though it was a bit awkward. 
The mules just stared at me and didn't snort or anything. I just stared at them and smelled them. I sat next to The Grandma and watched them while they ate.

I would like to taste their poop. Charlie says it is delightful.

I like being a Farming Dog!

Wednesday, September 27, 2023

I 'yam Twila

Guest Blog by Twila:

My Mom and Dad thought some time at Grandma and Grandpa's farm would be fun for me while they went on a trip before their puppy comes. Oh wait Grandma says it is a baby human, not a puppy

When my Dad left, I was in terrible shock. I saw his orangey Subaru pull away in the rain and I just couldn't belief it. He forgot me! Wait. The Grandma said not to worry, I'd get to see them again soon. I don't know what 'soon' is so decided to circle the house endlessly for a while. 

I checked all the doors and windows. 

The Grandma said 'Chill out' and she sat on the couch with Charlie. I was still worried and decided to sit there too. Maybe my Dad just made a huge mistake and once he looked in the back of the Subaru he'd know I was forgot.

Pretty soon the Grandpa joined us on the couch.

I settled in for a bit and then after sorting and arranging the toys and bones...
I took a nap.

When the rains stopped Grandma took out my leash. It has a chain thing on it because I chew through leashes when I take walks.

I like sticks, I like smells, I like sticks very much. I like smells very much. I like Charlie too. I like to follow him.
Grandma says I am strong. I am strong. I pulled her right up the hill with me. I'm a big help.

When we got to the Big Woods, I got to smell lots of wild things. There were deer bones, deer poo, and other delightful things. Charlie showed me around. 
By the time we reached the top of the second hill I wasn't pulling the Grandma up the hill anymore. I was just walking next to her.

I even sat pretty when she told me to. She wanted to take my picture to send to Dad so he would know I didn't get loose or lost. 

Grandma says I look like a coyote. I am not sure what a coyote is but Dad says I am cattle dog and a lot of other things. Grandpa calls me Heinz 57 and I don't know what that is either.

Charlie calls me Dog or Hey You.

I got back from the big hike/walk and it was supper time. Charlie ate his food and I ate mine only after Grandma put some of Charlie's Kibbles on top of mine.

More time outside after the humans ate their supper and then it was time to relax.

I slept all night in my bed when the humans went to sleep. I cuddled with Grandma around 4 in the morning.

After our breakfast and morning outing, Grandma told me she wanted us to do quiet time while she had her morning coffee.

We can be really good doggies.

I wonder what we will do today!

I 'yam Twila...or Dog.


Tuesday, September 26, 2023

The end of the Goat Era

I'm sad to announce that Sven our Lamancha goat died last evening. There are a million questions I am asking myself as to the how and why, but he'll never tell me now.

I helped Sven come into this world on February 16th 2019. His mom was having difficulty and stalled out during his birth. Luckily, I was able to save Sven and the mother passed away 24 hours later. He was bottle raised in the house and was given to me.

Here I bottle fed him on the porch and Charlie assited:

We had a wild ride and tons of fun. During his life here he caused us great laughter, great concern, and shakes of the fist and head. He was a dork, a pain in the butt, and very loving. After all, he was a goat.

He was pals with Charlie even though he was the size of a mini horse. He adored our pony Lil' Richard and could not stand to be out of his sight unless it was 20 below zero outside. Sven was a master at cleaning up weeds when he was in the mind to do so. Otherwise while staked out he'd simply voice his displeasure and walk in circles. 

Sven was terrified of anything that was a vehicle. He'd run to the end of his rope and flip himself, so generally I'd never put him near the driveway if I was expecting a package to be delivered.

He was a funny goat and a few times I've had people want to walk into his pen and pet him. I'd go in with them and quickly learned that Sven did not like other humans near HIS mom. He'd literally walk up and push them away from me. I guess since I delivered him and bottle fed him, he figured I was his mom.

I'll miss his goaty goat voice in the morning as he tells me it is time to put him out on a line to graze or feed him hay.

But farm life is all about life, love, tenderness, frustration, and death. It happens. I'm going to miss him but I won't replace him! He would have been helpful in cleaning up my flower gardens this fall though.

Good Boy Sven, you crazy wacky Goat!

We were the best of friends and some days the best of frenemies.

Monday, September 25, 2023

Color Blasts


The above photo was taken while it was drizzling and very overcast. Charlie and I decided to go to our favorite place to go for a hike despite the weather. When I saw the incredible colors on the hillsides, I found a side road to pull off on and stop.

I live in the likes of these hills and heavy forests. This side road is on the flood plain of the Kickapoo River. It is one of the rare 'flat' areas in the region. 

Since I live surrounded by large forests and valleys, I enjoy walking in the morning and afternoon to catch the sunlight that streams down on changing leaves.

The colors are beautiful as they always are. I imagine that things will really get going and be done within two weeks around here. 

The deep forest is still quite green in most areas but splashes of color are all peeking through.

This time of the year I generally walk up and down this old 4 wheeler trail and watch as the forest turns colors.

In a few more years, the forest will grow back over the trail and it will be hidden from view, but for now, I'll enjoy it.

Soon all these maples and other trees will start to drop their yellow leaves and the path will look golden. all disappears. In the late fall and winter, this makes for an interesting walk too. 

I went by one of the wild apple trees and decided to pick some for some apple sauce or more jelly. This tree is fun to watch in the late fall from a stand I have in my pasture. The deer come through late fall and winter to eat the fallen fruit.

Walking back to do chores I found another huge flush of Chicken of the Woods! This time on an old Ash tree stump that we'd tried to burn. This is our old brush pile.

Seems the color theme of the day was of reds, yellows, and orange colors!
I'm so pleased that my Lego People are always around to lend a hand.

Friday, September 22, 2023

Meanwhile in Lego land

I purchased this from a young man at the farmer's market for $2 early this summer. I liked what he built even though it isn't from any set that Lego puts out. 

It took me a while to figure out what to do with this little figure and his bizarre space pod.

I decided that his name is Arnie and he was a junk collector. Maybe even a junk recycler.

Meet Arnie!

Imagine Arnie's excitement in finding cool things on the farm, like bit and pieces on old farm equipment.

Arnie uses his remote control to pick pieces of valuable materials up.

Then Arnie spots the Motherlode!!!!

A Humanoid Dump Truck!

Imagine what he'd get for that truck!

How on earth will he gather this?

Perhaps he'll have to take tiny pieces off here and there...

Arnie will have more stories in the future but I'm not exactly sure when. 

Being a wildly imaginative person, I do jump from one thing to another just to satisfy my moments of intense creative desires.

The dump truck left before I could finish this line of stories, but each time I walk around another large 'junk' pile on the farm I think about Arnie and his desire for Junk Recycling.

Right now he is parked while I concentrate on the changes of color that are happening quickly around here.

Arnie may have to wait until the Fall season is over...

Have a great Friday!