Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Grandma's and suchlike...

Oh No Grandma!
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I never imagined in my whole life what fun it would be to be a Grandma. I remember my own mother being very angry with me when I informed her that she would be a granny before she was 50.
I have 3 grandchildren now. Ariel is actually my stepdaughter's child, as is Dennis. But these are the two that I see often and play with.
Grandma's can be way cool, or duds. I choose to be way cool. Hunting rocks, digging in dirt, riding mules, making forts, and playing cowboys and indians...yeah
I didn't grow up and now I can be a kid all over again.

My youngest son has a daughter and my oldest son has promised to 'start' work on the baby project with his wife....teehee!

I can't wait!

Saturday, February 25, 2006

Cutting back on animals

Oh I don't thing my husband is too fond of reducing our herd. He has as much said so, but now is in a huge 'yank' to get it done all at once. I know deep in my heart that once we have less animals and more time for each other and the things we want to do, he may just see some happiness out of it.

Today I stood out in the wicked cold and took photos of one of our donkeys who I really don't think he should sell in a hurry. She has some breeding in her that makes her worth quite a bit.

Mostly worked around the inside of the house today, put away all the Christmas stuff. Yeah, I know it is late, but it was too painful to do it last month.

The shoulder twist is next Friday. So I am gearing up to rehab and looking forward to it.

Friday, February 24, 2006

Early Arrival

sleeping baby
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Dennis Richard couldn't wait to get out into the world and see what life was all about.
Born 10 weeks early he protested in the ambulance with loud cries. Maybe he thought better of it?
For the next few weeks his home will be in an isolette in the NICU. His doctors are amazed, he needs no help in breathing, he is hungry, he is active and he is strong.
He is Dennis! He is the apple of my husband's eye--oh of course of his mommy and daddy's eyes too...
oh and everyone who meets with him.

Monday, February 20, 2006

The nature of Nature

The nature of Nature
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With a windchill of -20, I wrapped myself up and put my digital camera in a plastic bag...my old standby the manual pentax hung from my shoulder.
Faithful Morris, ever ready for an adventure literally bounced into the frigid air trying in his funny male way to mark every stick and twig sticking up out of the snow.
I'm sure that because he was along that the deer I was tracking had moved along. I wasn't looking for wildlife, I moved deep into the valley and listened to the wind howl across the tops of the trees.

Yet in the valley is was quiet enough to listen to chickadees and a bluejay. I came across the bones of a buck covered partially by snow, his one broken antler sticking up with his rib cage.
Nature was recycling itself.

I walked along the creek and slowly made it back home taking more time with my manual camera than my digital.

When I came in the door, hubby immediately came downstairs. He said he'd sat and worried about me out in the cold weather...worried that I may have fallen and hurt myself.
I chuckled as I put the cameras down, unloaded my pistol, and undressed.

'I left tracks, you would have found me. Or perhaps next time come with me.'

I need to explore and wander, it is in my nature, just as nature takes care of its own.

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Broken down

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I photoed this shed last March. Three days later is was burned down and buried. I sort of miss it because it was always so enticing and interesting.
I suppose the farmer needed the field space as it wasn't useful any more.

I hope to get out and get some photos today. Snow shoes and manual camera...it is going to be chilly but above zero for the first time in a few days.

Friday, February 17, 2006

Snow day

Snow day
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The weather held us captive. Not a bad thing though. We spent time [hubby] and I talking and visiting.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

She's gone, forever

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I can't believe she is gone now. I had no warning. She was so much a part of me as most of my animals are. We'll never pick berries again, nor will she entertain me in the moon light as she pounced catlike on field mice when she was supposed to be hunting racoon.
I hope you find your freedom now Queen, running without a care, hunting the field mice without mercy.
But I really do miss you.

Friday, February 10, 2006

Queen in the woods

Queen in the woods
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Queen the hilarious, the magnificent...
Good news...the shoulder 'event' will be March 3rd. I am looking forward to be able to stretch my arms and yawn with delight, to wave, to throw a frisbee ... and to tie my shoes without great pain.
I'm trying to find my faithful hound dog a home. Husband has decided that he is getting ride of our hounds. Which is ok, because he doesn't use them anyway. Although Queen and I have shared hours and hours and miles together playing in the woods. It hurts to see her go, but she is an outside dog. I called a young man who had recently [6 months ago] lost his black and tan and had admired Queen, saying he'd give anything to have her. I have offered her for free because the alternative is unthinkable.
I will miss her horribly.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

The Eagle

On our way home yesterday afternoon we spotted the local eagle feeding on the side of the road. Yes he/she was a baldy. My husband and I commented on the fact that they are becoming fairly common place around our fields and have strayed from the Missippi River which is only 20 or less miles from us as the 'crow' flies.
He was magnificent and of course no camera with me.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

I took a long hike today....

Cruel and beautiful
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I must have walked for hours. It was cold and I had to take the camera batteries and tuck them in close to my body. When I saw something I wanted to shoot, I had to load the batteries first.
I love this spot, even with the hiefer's remains scattered about. It is peaceful and in a deep ravine. I've hiked it and ridden it with my mule.
Today it was me and Morris.
Today must have been good medicine, because tonite I don't ache for the first time in months!

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Day by Day...haha

Today I decided to look around at the local hospitals and arm myself in case good Mr. Doctor L. decides to put me off for a few weeks. I am whining. I am venting. I am very peeved that I have heard NOT a THING from anyone since Monday. Yes I am not dying, but the pain is causing a huge disruption to my daily quality of life. Tonite I sat in the tub and just cried. I had raised my left arm and touched the wall behind me. My left would only move to a 45° angle. No more. I cannot wash dishes well, I cannot clean house well...I am just mad as a wet hen.
If I keep getting a push off, I am taking my MRI's, xrays, and notes...and finding me a doctor who will see me!
Ok, enough whining for tonite.

Friday, February 03, 2006

Very cool. I just rec'd my circular polarized filter!!!!! Mr. UPS man delivered it. I've only thought about this filter for about 10 years. Finally I went ahead and did it.
Oh yeah and I got this little doo hickey thing to put on my lens cap so I won't be losing the darn things in the woods! Yes, I am still missing a lens cap to my Cannon EOS 35mm camera. But I ordered one of those too.

It is supposed to turn cold and icky today. Yesterday was a fine day. Of course I spent it at home with hubby ... my day off from work. I even got rest last night!
We spent a good part of the day working on the electric fence for our critters. Seems for some reason we just aren't gettin' the zap we need past a certain part of the fence. This has been an on and off again problem.
The point is, it was warm, and it was pleasant to work side by side with my dear husband, my good friend ... who has been a real trooper through this frozen shoulder
I surely don't know what I'd done [other than go crazy] without him so far.

I also must get out to Xena's grave and straighten things out and tidy them up. I walked back there and took this photo...it looks sort of eerie and you can't read her name on the wood anymore. I still long for those anxious eyes and that attitude that only she ever had...oh, Xena was a terrier that died young.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Shoulder surgery is eminent as I just posted. The diagnosis is 'frozen shoulder'...I hope that I can add the info from the brochure to this Blog. If all goes well, I will be back in action without restrictions...of course with physical therapy.

Awesome fun.

Great tool-great toys
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Making posters, calendar pages, and just in general using the flickr toys has kept me up when I should be asleep.

Good news...I think. Surgery is eminent, but I should be back in business fairly quickly!