Friday, December 31, 2010

Topaz ReMask 3 Review

I tried Topaz ReMask 2 last year for 30 days. It was impressive, but in my book, I didn't use it often enough to warrant the price-tag it carried with it.

As always the folks at Topaz are always trying to improve their products. When I got an email alerting me to the fact that ReMask 3 was now out, I decided to download the trial and play with it.

My first task was to grab ANY old photo and ReMask it quickly and create something fast. I wanted to compare it to Elements Magic Extractor.

[this original has been horizontally flipped so it doesn't match some of the other photo presentations]
Using ReMask 3:
[simple fast about 5 seconds]
Close up of the mane on the donkey:
[not perfect, I could have edited more but I was going to put the 'cut out' on a black and white back-round]
The back-round is added:
Next Elements Magic Extractor:
[Not quite so easy, a bit harder to work with]
Final 'cut out':
[Areas are missed and I had to spend quite a bit more time editing the mane area and other areas that the Magic Extractor missed. Well, actually parts that I missed. This experiment was done rather quickly also. This was a result of 3 minutes work.]
The final product with Topaz ReMask 3:

The time from ReMask 3 to final creation was about 3 minutes.

Hands down, I saved time with ReMask 3.
Next I'll try ReMask 3 with a more difficult subject and see how well it does for the average user like me.


  1. I bought a package with all the latest Topaz stuff, but I hadn't tried this yet. It looks easy enough. I'm slow to change I guess. Well, thanks for the tutorial! You've got a lot of great info on your blog~ I'll have to come by more often ;))

  2. Please do Karen,and if you have a question on Topaz I can generally give some sort of guidance...not a professional...but I do use it A LOT!


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