Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Great Laundry Experiment Failure Part 3

It started with *Getting your husband to fix the dryer ~ a plot* ... The dryer broke in the beginning of December.
The idea was to wash his clothes and let his towels and his pants feel like...well crispy and rough.
He would then take it upon himself to quickly fix the belt on the dryer.

The crispy rough pants and towels apparently were no motivator.

So by December 20th I was getting a bit desperate. I tried another attempt at getting the laundry done, this time in a snow storm.
My Laundry Experiment Failed.

After the snow storm ended and I left the laundry on the line in -20 degree weather with swift winds...I had wrinkle free clothes that smelled deliciously fresh and the towels did not even feel crunchy.

HE wasn't bothered in the least.

So I decided I'd take it to another level and give him a good hint. The bed sheets needed washing, but wait! It is foggy and supposed to rain [then freeze] in the next few days.

[Face to hands in mock horror, how will I dry the sheets in time with 93% humidity?]

So I hung the bedding out. It flapped in the cold damp breeze.

Drying it in dense fog was not working.

So I was struck by a stroke of brilliance.
Bring in the sheets and drape over everything I have in order to let them air dry inside the house.

Did that.

He came down from his afternoon nap to navigate his way through the living room [even the dog had a hard time!]...
His comment?

*Oh I we playing with the sheets and making like tent cities?* He chuckled and carefully made his way through the maze of lawn chairs, the vacuum cleaner and other things holding the sheets up.

You want to know what is funny and sad at the same time? I've sort of enjoyed all the clever ways I've found to dry laundry without the use of a dryer. I mean before it was a choice to hang everything.
Now I'm creative ... and hope for co-operative weather.

But really.
I'd like the convenience of a dryer.
~~~20 days and counting.


  1. Another thing on the plus side, I'll bet the electric bill is a whole lot less for the month of December. Good luck, and btw happy new year!

  2. LOL yes, I'm sure that not drying had some effect...but we had to run tank heaters for the stock.

    Happy New Year to you too MJ!

  3. I haven't had a dryer for a couple years. I dry every thing on clothes drying racks. I have found that what works for my family is I do laundry in the evening. The first load out goes into the kitchen when the dishes are done. This helps cut down on late night snacking since you have to move the rack to get the fridge open. Then the second load goes into the middle of the living room. Both are dry by the time I get up in the morning and I have saved lots of money on utilities and I haven't had to shell out money for a new drier. Good luck.


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