Monday, December 20, 2010

My Laundry Experiment Failed

It failed...My plot to get the dryer fixed...!

The dryer failed on December 9th. So I plotted to hang out his jeans and the towels because they'd be 'crispy' and uncomfortable ... ergo ~~ he would fix the dryer, right?

He says: *Well, these are not so bad!*

And so the plot failed.
He hasn't even looked at the dryer yet.

So today I hung the laundry out again in a snow storm!

We'll see what the next few days brings.


  1. Men. If they were born women, we wouldn't have to remind them of such things.

    Sorry your experiment failed! Can you put some cockle burrs in his drawers and blame it on a gusty wind? lol!

  2. Failure part 3 coming soon...sigh.

  3. LOL that is an excellent ploy! i hope it is fixed now!


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