Monday, December 13, 2010

Baby, it IS Cold Outside.

This is cold. This morning -15 no whine chill factor included.
I mean come on. When it is -15 degrees we all know that it is simply damn cold.
Freeze your skin cold.
Cover it up cold.

Don't walk around in heels and pantyhose cold.
Don't walk around without a hat and gloves [mittens] cold.

Don't pretend you are too 'cool' to get cold.

Pack stuff in your vehicle cold...
are you getting the point now?

I'll be enjoying this night at work partly outside. It is predicted to be -17 kind of cold without any wind chill factored in.
I'm going to be bundled up and enjoying watching my breath freeze and crack into the air!

Oh yeah, I'll be dressed for it too!


  1. To be perfectly honest ....I hate that kind of cold! No whine factor there either ... just fact.
    Bundle up and stay warm.

  2. We are hovering around -40* below and I saw a teenager at the store yesterday in flip flops. I think the younger generation has gone completely insane!!


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