Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Magic

What do we look for in Christmas?

Some people ache for the spiritual side of Christmas.
Some people wish to find their childhood spirit of awe and wonder.
Some simply hope that they’ve done a good job on their ‘Christmas Shopping’ list.
Others seek for things to be as they were once upon a time.

Still there are those that gaze quietly at their brightly lit tree and long for forgiveness for wrongs imagined or real. Ornaments reflect light and glitter as songs are played on the radio. Songs that tell of ‘coming home’ of happiness, families torn apart reuniting…and world peace.

They reach out into the ‘magic’ of the night in the glow and dream of dreams coming true.

The mysterious snow falls gently outside. Perhaps if they could catch a bit of that magic and hold it in their hands

What dreams?
Dreams are ideas that you cannot hold in your hand, a dream can melt away like the magical snow held in your palm.

Each Christmas Eve comes with great anticipation of things that may come, that may happen, that may change. Perhaps it will be love lost that is found again. A relationship that was torn apart will heal itself.

Yet hope still lingers as the dawn begins to lighten the sky. Hope is something we can all hang on to. It is real, but it is an idea.

For those lonely people wishing for magic, it can happen. Sometimes the ‘magical’ idea of Christmas Eve; the tree, the lights, the atmosphere can set things in motion.

For a child it is simple.
It is Christmas Eve and Christmas Day will bring childish joy.

For true Christmas Magic to happen, all that is needed is to watch a child gaze in awe on Christmas morning.

…and yet I sometimes wish that I could go back and be that child again…and believe.

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  1. Beautifully written...a belated Merry Christmas to you. And I wish for you many blessings in the New Year~


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