Friday, December 17, 2010

Winter Wonderland

One pair of snow shoes.
One Jack Russell Terrier.
Two cameras [one pocket, one DSLR ~ what a pain to haul in the deep drifts].

After an arduous climb down a steep hillside [me thinking short cut] we arrived at the creek crossing. The one where we almost always cross with the mules in the summer.
Morris goes on alert after we find coyote scat and tracks.
As if he would do anything. I think he was more worried. We headed the opposite way.

The snow was deep in the valley, but it was also an incredible new scene to us.
Morris tired easily and walked on my snow shoes which was amusing to him, not to me.

I did pick him up a couple of times and carry him...

He had snow-swimming to do which is quite difficult for him...

After walking through the creek in several places and abusing my snowshoes, we headed up the hill road ~ which had not been used by man nor critter and I discovered I was fighting a build up of ice on my snowshoe cleats.

Try walking with a JRT in your arms, up hill with feet that feel like they weigh 40lbs a piece.
I didn't think to check my snowshoes for ice build up until we'd reached the top .

We had fun, we had adventure.
I had one tired dog.
And over 100 photos to dig through.
I'm looking forward to doing this again very soon.
I want to get to the spring, to the coyote den [no Morris won't go on that hike], I want to see the ice falls...

So much to see in this beautiful winter wonderland.
Wow, perhaps I'm not in such bad shape after all.

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  1. Sorry I haven't been commenting but I just got caught up on your blog. As usual, it is both heartwarming, amusing and thought provoking. Great work Val. BTW, how old is Morris?