Sunday, January 29, 2006

The begining of my love for cameras.

Young Jer
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So many years ago when I had a crappy camera that belonged to my husband [ex], I decided to play with a roll of 12 exposures and the boys wanted to play dress up and have their pictures taken.

I hadn't touched a camera in years. When I developed the roll I was floored. I loved it.

My excitement had me make copies and frames for the grandparents. My husband's parents gave me my ever faithful Pentax ME super in exchange for the photos and the crummy camera I had.

My mother moaned that the boys were not smiling, ergo, NOT a potrait that SHE would put on her walls.
Moral? My mom doesn't have these. But each of my boys has one of these potraits hanging in their homes.

I got the last laugh.

Tomorrow is the day we'll see about my shoulder!

Saturday, January 28, 2006

Long ago, far away

The look of innocence.
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It seems just a wink of time...18 yrs since I last saw this little girl. I used to sit for her and her three siblings. 18 yrs have gone by and yet I remember her in this very momment, captured with that look on her face.

Today it rained and we may have ice by morning. So I spent my time wisely and went through and organized photos, scanned photos, and tossed photos.

I took many trips down memory lane.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Happy go lucky...

Morris rolls
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Yesterday I got a two hour reprieve from shoulder pain. Wow, what a pleasant surprise! I was so delighted I wanted to do chores and run around and jump and dance.
Of course I took this picture of Morris when we still had quite a bit of snow...this was how I felt.

Thanks Morris for making me smile.

Friday, January 13, 2006

Bitter sweet

Bitter sweet
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Every once in a while, I toss the digital back into its case and just take the 35mm camera with me on a hike. Generally it is well worth it. It is hard to find nice color in the woods but I did this day.
Now our snow is gone, we've had a week of warm and unusual weather.
Today's forecast promises some snow, rain, and sleet.

Ann called last nite to see how I was doing and to express her frustration over the fact that she can't get me in to see Dr. L any faster. I told her she has tried to move heaven and earth and I cleary appreciated that...that is one reason I don't go to some of those uppity doctors...Ann is a PA and she CARES about her patients!

More pain meds. More pain. Rich won't let me near the mules, and I think he is suffering by watching me suffer. Oh lordy!

Last nite my son's dog curled up next to me while I was reading. Se curled up in Morris's spot and lay her head on my hip and gazed intently at me.
Morris was beside himself with...what jealousy? He walked around and whined, then got up and lay on my other side...finally he got down and just stood staring at me with a whimper.

I'll have to make it up to him hubby too.

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Fungus Amongus

Fungus Amongus
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Went out on Saturday, needed just to walk about and feel the fresh air on my face and breath some moisture from the melting snow. Of course I was looking for anything that had color to it...ANYTHING at all as everything pretty much looks greyish and dull.
I am like a gypsy when it comes to color! I love tons of it.
So as I was retracing my steps looking for yet another lens cap that I 'must' have dropped, I came across this little dandy flash of color.
It pleased me and made my day.
I'm simple to please, aren't I?

Friday, January 06, 2006

The Blues

blued morning
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Not being able to do much has sort of given me the blues. The MRI came back with reasons for my pain but no tears to be repaired in the shoulder.
Then my doc gave me some more tests last nite and broke me into tears. She really did a number on me and I didn't get to sleep much at all last nite...Haha!
The ice pack and I are intimate friends.

Boss man is picking me up for work in about 40 minutes. Geeze, and before I got the mobility tests yesterday I was feeling like I could actually go out and hike on Saturday.

Hmmm....maybe I'm gonna anyway.
Gots to blow the stink off...
As my FIL used to say.