Friday, March 31, 2006

Happy Friday to me..

Feeling pretty darned good today!!! Physical Therapy went very well. Just one visit next week.
I'm still weak as a kitten in my left arm and a bit stiff. But other PT's who have sort of been keeping an eye on me thought I'd made some huge and monsterous improvements in one month!
Truth be told, I think it must partly be due to the fact that I am compliant with my homework...or exercises and stretches needed to be done each day.
I am working hard because I have a goal. Yesterday I felt discouraged because I didn't feel I'd gotten strong enough, quick enough.
I still have a long way to go but showing some weekly improvement that I am unable to see myself is pretty uplifting.

Now if the weather is nice tomorrow, I can go riding!

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Feeling tough...

Arced clouds
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I spent yesterday morning at the Cancer Care Center in LaCrosse waiting for an appt with a doctor who studies genetics and cancer. I qualified with a family history for a genetic study on a certain kind of disease called Cowdens Disease. Hubby calls it 'Barn Disease' [his attempt at humour---a Cow's Den would be the barn]

My shoulder 'issues' are hanging with me, so I felt a bit rough going to the appt--which was cancelled and rescheduled for Monday.

As I sat there I watched as patients came in and went to chemo. I got an education in 'feeling tough' and realized I am lucky at the momment. And scared.
What if I carry that defective gene?
Crap, that could ruin your whole day.

But it is a free study, and if I do carry it, then I am contributing to research and to the future treatment of cancer.
I hope.

On the rocks

On the rocks
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What a pleasant surprise, my youngest and his girlfriend came for a few days on sunday, the 26th. The 27th was Jer's 25th birthday. We had great fun, hiking, riding, shooting targets, and just visiting.
I don't recall seeing my son quite so settled and relaxed. His girlfriend is pretty tough and takes no crap. She has a mind of her own which could spell trouble!

We went riding and Jer rode the mule we will be shipping to California so I could take pictures of the things the mule could do.

They have promised to return this summer!

I will look forward to a second visit.

Monday, March 27, 2006

Happy Birthday to...

Looking through...
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My youngest son. 25 yrs old today...old, old, old! Quarter of a century. His girlfriend is a riot, I like her!

Physical therapy was a rough one today. I'm sore, sore, sore, but don't want to admit it because then dear hubby will advise against riding mules. Huh.

The therapist is thinking that there is something else wrong with my shoulder, and THAT makes me very unhappy. I don't even want to think of surgery, recovery and more PT. I want to get on with things darnit!

We are going out to lunch then picking up some movies to watch in case it decides to rain.


Friday, March 24, 2006


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In the sunshine the other day while rounding up 19 head of equine for coggins testing [blood draws]...I sat down pooped my messy garden.

I looked at the mess that I needed to do something about. My shoulder ached, my arms were tired and I was just plain feeling sorry for myself.
When I looked up and saw this itty bitty spot of yellow.

I jumped up from the yard, starteling the donkeys and hollered...'there they ARE!'

My husband thought I'd spied something awful and came walking over.

'Look' I said, 'the first sign of spring!'

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Life is short...enjoy it

No this is not a negative post at all. For the past two mornings on the way to work we've seen Mr. Eagle sitting menacingly on top of his breakfast, freshly caught and ripped apart. I know.

But way too awesome. Mother Nature is at her best giving me a lesson in life each time I pass Mr. Eagle by. He/she sits upon the recent kill and turns magnificently to watch the traffic pass him.

I feel something raw inside. And I think I am glad I am not a rabbit in his/her hunting territory.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

New kid on the block

Eagle close up
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This winter we have been spotting this eagle on our county road. We can usually see him early morning and late afternoon.

I was able to ask my boss to stop the truck and let me photograph him as there was no other traffic.

This morning Mr. Eagle was sitting on the ground with a fresh kill rabbit and having breakfast. I know it is gross, but it was also awesome to see this giant bird staring at us as if we were imposing on his privacy.

We drove on and left him to his breakfast and the crows that had landed around him.

Monday, March 20, 2006


Shadow riding
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Today I breathed fresh air while trotting and posting down the gravel road. The wind was crisp, and I felt so much more alive than I have in months!
I even...I even ran half a mile while leading my mule.

My physical therapist was aghast and amazed...he'd never seen anyone work so hard at recovering!

It is so great to be alive!

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Spring love...

Spring love...
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Well there you go, love is in the air with the coming of the robins, bluebirds, and red wing black birds.

Today was cold and blustery. I worked very hard in PT. And am sorry to say that I hurt very much tonite! We started strenghtening exercises and ... ouch. Okay, I know I have to get through that first and it will get better.

Tonite I spoke on the phone with a gent that had lost his wife to cancer in January. He still grieves for her and he needs to ramble on to someone and I dial him up and let him talk. Amazingly enough this is someone I met on a horse board. He is a veteran like my husband and my husband wholly supports my calling 'T' and listening.

T told me tonite to hug the one I love. I have done that. He also told me never to take a loved one for granted...never to pass up an opportunity to say 'I love you'...
Never to pass up an opportunity to give a hug.

And always let your loved one--each day-- know that you love them.

I really listen to my friend. He is wise because he has lost his best friend and wife.

Monday, March 13, 2006

Shadow Play

Shadow Play
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Walking in the mornings is part of my new PT routine. I take Morris with me on a leash and enjoy a quick mile walk. No dawdling around. Walk hard and fast, but when I saw our shadows, I couldn't resist.

I think my 15 minute walk in the morning has done more for my mental health than anything else! Wow do I feel jazzed when I get home and ready for PT!

I swing my left arm as I walk and my mind becomes clear and focused.
It is pretty good.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Waiting on Spring...

rainy day daisies
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Oh my mood has gone through the roof. Outside it is dreary yucky, muddy, rainy, this morning I looked at some summer pictures.
I slept 5 hrs without pain! I woke up without much pain...did stretches and exercises to loosen up. Wow.

I'm taking today off from work as not much is happening there and Mr. Boss isn't doing his paperwork anyway. The stress of the office is getting to me...darn it I told the man 3 weeks ago I couldn't bill patient statements unless I had statement envelopes.!!!

Still no envelopes and he complains that there is no $ coming in.

So today I am relaxing with hubby who has been a super duper trooper through this whole ordeal. We are going to visit another mule owner and help him with something?

If the sun comes out this afternoon, I am going to ride my mule.
Yes it is a good day and Spring is around the corner...why else would it be 'mudsville'?

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Good to be Alive...

Badger and me...
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The day after the 'procedure'. The farrier was out and trimmed Badger. While he was doing two other mules, I threw an English saddle on him.
I had to use a bucket as I didn't have enough strength to mount properly. Once on top though

the world
my feet!

I felt like a million bucks as we rode off together for the first time in 4 MONTHS.


Monday, March 06, 2006


I can move my shoulder much freerer now--Physical Therapy starts this morning. Hubby has been stretching me out 4X day here at home. Ok, I won't lie and say it is a piece of cake, cuz it sure isn't.
But at least I have movement and I know the pain is 'getting better' pain. It sucks that I can go back to work, because I really don't want to right now.
We had 8" of snow fall yesterday and the rest of the week looks like rain. Welcome March!

On a really fun and postive note, I saddle and ride Badger on Saturday.

Saturday, March 04, 2006


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As you can see from the stick figure...the procedure was pretty successful. Doc couldn't manipulate me all of the way as he was afraid he'd break my scapula. Said I was so 'little' and thought I was 'fragile'...yeah right.
Anyway, I can touch the top of my head, tuck in my pants and actually pick things up and carry them with the left hand.

There is still a long Physcial Therapy stint and many painful stretches to do...but I WILL recover to 100%. I am very motivated ...

And I am riding my mule today!

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Less than 24 hrs...12 now...

Until my shoulde surgery. I am greatly looking forward to this as it has been a pain in my well....shoulder.
Today I spent most of the day laying around as my MD pulled me off Ibufrophen. Said it had cause my blood hemoglobin to drop. Could possibly have caused some stomach damage...whoopee ding dong. If I hadn't been on the stupid stuff for 5 months...well water under the bridge.

I shall be released by 10 am hopefully and be back to doing things I want to riding Badger!!!

I am a bit scared and a bit excited. This procedure involves no cutting and so recovery is very fast. I am looking forward to getting back into tip top shape.

Gotta be on my toes for those grandchildren!