Thursday, June 29, 2006

Beginings, endings

Sunset lit daisy
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Yep that is it. I have a feeling that the next few days will give me some new beginings and some endings to other things.

Sort of a mysterious post. But I won't put anything in writing until I have all my facts together.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

New day each day

Colored rain drops
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Today is a new day. I actually slept last nite. In fact I crashed around 5pm and awoke at 9pm, although I was so confused that I thought it was 9am the next day and that I'd missed my PT!
I slept through two phone calls [answering maching caught them]..., but it felt good that way even though I was confused while waking up.

Morris my JRT has developed a funky little hoarse cough like he has something caught in his throat. Most of the time he acts normal, but it has me worried.

Otherwise it looks to be another quiet day of reading outside, pulling some weeds, and enjoying NOT working. No pressures at all. And I am enjoying every momment of it.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Life is not perfect

Imperfect daisy
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Surgery was successful on Friday. I felt better after surgery than before. I had a nerve block which allowed me to watch the procedure on a monitor and listen to the doctor and his assitant speak.
It was very fascinating and I'd been lying if I said I wasn't a wee bit apprehensive.
Now on to rehab.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006


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Father's Day has come and gone. Last year I called my father on the 22nd of June. We had a long and lovely talk. I promised to send him pictures of 'Nick' the world's ugliest hound dog. I apologized for not calling him on Father's Day...he laughed and said well it really didn't matter, he wasn't one to worry about small things like that.

I miss him. I miss his voice, his stupid and funny stories--now I'd do anything to hear those stories again. I miss his funky old man smell and his shuffle...his odd ways that I always considered bothersome.

I used to sigh and roll my eyes when he started in on another lecture on life...though he was generally correct.

I miss his chuckle and soft voice. I miss his funny ways...I miss him terribly.

June 24th he died and even though they say you get over it...well I haven't yet.
Here's to you Dad.
Love you.

Another day, another day...

Shed Reframed
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The Nat'l Weather service has issued a severe thunderstorm for our area. So I'm watching it of course on the radar here at work. Can you tell I am so very bored with my job????

I was worn out last nite from chopping monster thistles that were taller than I am using a short handled spade. My wonder mix of vanilla and water kept the pesky little gnats off me while I worked and I even smelled nice.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Closer and closer...

Shed on Dead End
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I went riding last nite with my gal friend Glennie. Monday afternoons have been working out so well to ride together. It doesn't infringe upon our husband's time and we get some 'gal' time together.
Glennie is well aware at how apprehensive I am at having my shoulder worked on.
The surgery itself won't be a huge big deal. It is having the 'arm' strapped to my side and the immobility for two weeks that concerns me. I hate to be 'trapped'.
I'll be the one armed bandit, with no riding~eek gads!
I know, it really isn't a big deal, not when you consider what my good cyber friend is going through with her dad...hugs to you Rachel.
So I should just shut up and quit whining, right?

Monday, June 19, 2006

De-stress yourself

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Father's Day weekend was tough. Grandpa did not get to see the kids and it kind of put him into a funk. Of course the rainy weather didn't help that much either.

I felt exhausted Saturday also, perhaps because of all the rain? But Sunday found me out in the stifling woods creeping around the underbrush [and checking fences]...looking for little mushrooms to take pictures of.
For supper I announced we were having ice cream! I then grabbed my mule, saddled him up and proceeded to ride him on the ridge and watch the sun go down.
The breeze was so nice and comforting after the heat of the day.

Today at work it is boring so I pulled out my 'shroom picture and decided what I could do to it.

Guess I'm just getting nervous about having my shoulder operated on this Friday....yeah I really am getting nervous!
What am I going to do with only one arm for two whole weeks????

I can type slowly...hmmm.
Going out on Badger again this afternoon!

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Gone Fishing

Gone Fishing
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Every once in a while you say 'to heck with work, to heck with doing things around the house [farm]' let's just go relax.
Go Fishing. No pressure, no timetable.
A picnic lunch.
Good cold water.
Good companionship.

And words are not even necessary.

Today was one of those days.
I was Gone Fishin'

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Creativity abounds

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Boredom does what???? If you have a creative mind, it leads you to find something to do aside from twiddling your thumbs.

I searched flickr for new ideas and found this interesting group called OOB's. Out Of Bounds, I believe. Tuitorials are provided. It looks difficult and I figured what the heck, I'm always looking for a new task to challenge my poor feeble mind.

Monday, June 12, 2006

Boring Weekend...

Glass Ball?
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I was supposed to go riding on a nice long relaxing ride with my girl friend on Sunday. It looked like rain and was cold as the dickens. Well we ended up trimming donkey feet and donkey manes.

Whoa, hold the excitement. I can barely control myself. Right now I'm trying to convince hubby that maybe I just don't need the surgery on my shoulder. Yes I have limited movement, and some pain, but I don't want to be laid up at ALL this summer. So I am kinda bummed at not riding and having 'time off' looming in my face.

The good news? A week after surgery, I'm going to go to a 3 day endurance event and camp out with my girlfriend. Hah. I think that will be like a vacation from my hubby who mothers me .... or is that smothers me?

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

I'm a Photographer!!!!

The most coolest thing in the world happened to me yesterday!!! I actually made my first ever photography sale!!! Yes, you heard right!

I sold 7 photos to a fella who had been at the endurance race on Saturday. He expressed interest in the pictures and then when I asked which ones he wanted, he said all of them [of him]!!! I'm getting paid real money, not just a mention in a credit.

Whhhhooooo weeeee! [BTW, never heard from that other fella who wanted to look at my pics from the Kickappoo Valley Association~I'd better call him and find out what's up!]

7 Photos is not stupendous, but hey the $ goes into a special acct for something like a new camera, or computer or...well you get my drift.

Maybe I'm just dreaming. But gosh it sure was a good feeling.

Monday, June 05, 2006

Learning experience

O Canada!
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This weekend armed with my little assortment of cameras, I watched an Endurance ride. I couldn't help myself and took tons of photos in camp at the Vet Check. I took photos along with many others.
The professional photographer let me hold her Canon 20D...ewweeee, was it ever sweet looking. She had an awesome assortment of lenses also.
I told her that I was taking photos in camp and she didn't mind. She took some great ones out on the trail and I hung in the camp, assisting vets, riders, crews, and the people who handled the paperwork.

It was so enjoyable I'd do it again in a heartbeat. I met so many nice people and learned so much about saddles, tack, and other equipement.

This photo was of the Canadian lady who was competing in the 50 mile Appaloosa National Championship. I had a great time talking with her and others.

To top it off, some folks asked for my email so they could contact me to purchase some photos. I asked them please to purchase from the ride photographer first, as she got them on the trail.

However, I have recieved requests from those who did purchase from her...and would like to get some of mine too!


Friday, June 02, 2006

Happy Birthday To Me

Happy Birthday To Me
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Okay here it is ---- the momment I've been waiting for....and it was a dud. I woke up this morning and I wasn't ANY different from yesterday!


Well there you go, 50 isn't a big deal then.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

I'm still the King of ME!

Old Trailer
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Turning 50 is changing me~suddenly each day is so much more important. The colors of the sky are more intense, the music is more meaningful and the woodlands hold secrets so beautiful that I feel driven to discover then.

I need to capture the smells in my head, capture the images on my cameras.
It seems as if I can hear each tick of the clock, each passing momment. I'm disappointed to miss a sunrise and likewise~a sunset. I feel cheated of that magic momment.

I've peered into the mirror and am perplexed by the person looking back at me. Her hair is graying, her face has laugh lines and creases in her cheeks. These are new to me--seeming to have crept up suddenly [although I know better].

Solution? Look at myself in the mirror without my glasses on...!

Age or not..I am still the King of Me!