Monday, June 12, 2006

Boring Weekend...

Glass Ball?
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I was supposed to go riding on a nice long relaxing ride with my girl friend on Sunday. It looked like rain and was cold as the dickens. Well we ended up trimming donkey feet and donkey manes.

Whoa, hold the excitement. I can barely control myself. Right now I'm trying to convince hubby that maybe I just don't need the surgery on my shoulder. Yes I have limited movement, and some pain, but I don't want to be laid up at ALL this summer. So I am kinda bummed at not riding and having 'time off' looming in my face.

The good news? A week after surgery, I'm going to go to a 3 day endurance event and camp out with my girlfriend. Hah. I think that will be like a vacation from my hubby who mothers me .... or is that smothers me?

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