Monday, June 19, 2006

De-stress yourself

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Father's Day weekend was tough. Grandpa did not get to see the kids and it kind of put him into a funk. Of course the rainy weather didn't help that much either.

I felt exhausted Saturday also, perhaps because of all the rain? But Sunday found me out in the stifling woods creeping around the underbrush [and checking fences]...looking for little mushrooms to take pictures of.
For supper I announced we were having ice cream! I then grabbed my mule, saddled him up and proceeded to ride him on the ridge and watch the sun go down.
The breeze was so nice and comforting after the heat of the day.

Today at work it is boring so I pulled out my 'shroom picture and decided what I could do to it.

Guess I'm just getting nervous about having my shoulder operated on this Friday....yeah I really am getting nervous!
What am I going to do with only one arm for two whole weeks????

I can type slowly...hmmm.
Going out on Badger again this afternoon!


  1. I will be thinking about you on Friday. Good luck with your surgery.

  2. Thanks Liz!!!! You are a peach!


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