Thursday, June 01, 2006

I'm still the King of ME!

Old Trailer
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Turning 50 is changing me~suddenly each day is so much more important. The colors of the sky are more intense, the music is more meaningful and the woodlands hold secrets so beautiful that I feel driven to discover then.

I need to capture the smells in my head, capture the images on my cameras.
It seems as if I can hear each tick of the clock, each passing momment. I'm disappointed to miss a sunrise and likewise~a sunset. I feel cheated of that magic momment.

I've peered into the mirror and am perplexed by the person looking back at me. Her hair is graying, her face has laugh lines and creases in her cheeks. These are new to me--seeming to have crept up suddenly [although I know better].

Solution? Look at myself in the mirror without my glasses on...!

Age or not..I am still the King of Me!

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