Saturday, June 29, 2013

More Wild Weather

From this....
to this
in one day...

I keep waiting for the weather to break so I can get some riding in or some training with Siera, Eddie, and Niki in...
much to my dismay...
the weather is not co-operating.

However, some of the flowers are very happy with this weather.  
50% chance of rain off and on today.  
This means that I will simply wear some raingear while working on my shady flower garden...or while hiking in the woods.

I'm beginning to expect rain every day.  It has become the norm around here...just as the dry weather from last year was.

I have also learned to appreciate those beautiful days when the sun does shine.

I think I could go riding if I could figure out how to waterproof my saddles.
Perhaps I'll just take my synthetic saddle ... I'm sure water won't hurt that.

Have a great weekend.

Friday, June 28, 2013

I found rocks...iron concretions.
They seemed to jump right out at me yesterday on my walk.

I found about 12 of them in a small area.  Probably because they were churned up by the flash floods.

They look rather ugly, but are very unique in shape and are very heavy for their size. I've even found almost perfectly round ones that are larger than a big marble.

Of course, there was Morris to help me find them...the Rock Hound.
Well okay, he doesn't care a bit about Rocks.  But he loves hiking with me and stands patiently by while I look in the creek bed for unique shapes that catch my eye.

I must say, Morris and I do love going on adventures together.  
I found 12 rocks this outing!

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Getting Lost in the Woods

Oh I really didn't get 'lost' lost.  I just told hubby that I'd go out to the creek and check things out with the tripod was overcast and late in the day.
Somewhere I think about 5pm.  I figured I'd only be gone a little while you know?

But something happens when you get down in the creek and begin to wander around, listening the the music of the water.

Time stops.  Or, worse, you stop thinking about time like I do and begin to immerse yourself in water, rocks, sounds, bird song...and get wrapped up in it so badly, that you lose track of time.


Imagine my surprise when I discovered that it was 7pm!
My excuse was ... well there are rarely times when the creek is so full of flood water that is still draining off the ridges...
It was shoot now...or 

So I went for the NOW and kept looking and looking.

I found a portion of a broken glass pitcher on a rock.

I wonder where that came from?

Oh and then there was the parked car...well some of the years of dirt had washed off from it and this time it was more visible.


I found another spot that intrigued me ... and then I realized that if I moved away from the running water, I could hear some thundering in the distance.
I stopped and looked at my watch.

OH crap.
It was 7pm, where had the time gone?

I set up for one final shot.

And of course there is a shot of me taking a photo of some water on the rocks.
Yes, I am wearing a head net. 
The gnats were so awful that if I hadn't worn it, I'd never have enjoyed a moment in the bottom.

I packed up and raced home.  Only to find that my husband had finished the work that I had volunteered to help him with.
We watched the storm head south of us with our blessings...
and had a beautiful supper together.

This morning I am brewing a wonderful pot of Kona Coffee brought to me by my daughter in law.
It has only improved my resolve to go back next year.

It smells delicious.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Wedding Photos and such...

Mulewings~: Jer & Sam Mathein Wedding &emdash;

I've been working hard on these photos from the wedding.

It is a labor of love.

It isn't easy figuring out which photos you know the bride and groom are going to want.
I'm in the process of sorting and creating artsy stuff for the Wedding Book.

I used PicMonkey for creating collages.  It was great fun to do and consolidates pictures that are worth having, but not as full page spreads.

Mulewings~: Jer & Sam Mathein Wedding &emdash; Collage 4

 I have so many favorites that it is hard to choose!

Mulewings~: Jer & Sam Mathein Wedding &emdash; The Beautiful Ladies

Mulewings~: Jer & Sam Mathein Wedding &emdash;

Well, I must be off, I've got laundry to do aside from working on the editing of the shots.

Full view of the gallery can be seen at:
Jer and Sam's Wedding

Too wet to I may as well do this!

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Toads! Frogs? Tree Toads?

Saw these crossing an empty pasture that has been flooded.

No idea what they are!

They appear to be different colors ... and the tree toads that I couldn't see were singing up a storm, loud enough to hurt my ears!

Here is a close up shot of these two.  

A black one just like these two came out from under the water tank and jumped on them...after a bit of a frackus, it went away.

I wish I knew what these were.
Tree Toads?

Anyway life is always exciting here.

2.5" of rain again last night.
More expected.

Roads closed due to washouts and mudslides.
Stay safe.

After the Storm

Friday, when I headed to work the deluge opened.  I wasn't sure how hard the winds were blowing, but I could feel them pushing the Jeep around as I drove.
Though, to be sure, I wasn't sure if it was the wind or was it the water on the road.
Evidently after I left, trees fell onto the garage.  
Uprooted because the ground is so saturated.

Saturday a neighbor stopped by.  He was checking township roads and helping the road crew.
We got the tops of the trees off the garage and he left.

I took the dogs and decided to take a walk in our creek and down the valley.
The dogs had a great time.
Teslin kept thinking that the chipmunks and squirrels were calling to her, goofy dog.

I had to get after her.  She didn't want to stay close.  Morris never went far except the one time he followed her off and neither one of them came when I called at first.
I told Tes she was going to get 'grounded'.  
She spent time on a leash.  
I couldn't bear having something happen to her, silly city dog.

We found many beautiful things in the creek, and the flash flood from the day before was easily about 4ft high across most of the valley bottom.  That translates to a high volume of water.

Okay, here was the 'shot' of the day and one of my favorites.  Yes, I stood in the creek and used a tripod.  This was about a foot or more high.

Last night another huge front moved in at about 6pm.

And that is that.
2.5" more inches of water.
Flash flooding again.
Rivers and creeks flooding.
Makes about 7" of rain in a couple of days.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

My Summer Vacation by Teslin

My summer vacation began with a very very long car ride.
My mom and dad human people went on a trip to someplace called Hawaii.

I'm getting to spend time with my pal Morris.

Grandma took us for a walk.  It was cool.  I followed Morris and then went running off by myself.  I leaped through the barbed wire fence thing and ran into the woods.
There was something in the woods that was growling and bellering.  Grandma yelled my name and made me come back.
She assured me that the squirrels were not in THOSE woods.  But a very upset momma cow and a very big bull.

I didn't want to come back but she yelled and yelled.
So we went down into the creek and got all wet and muddy.  Morris showed me all the good spots to play.  I ran and ran and ran.  Then I was sure I heard those nasty squirrels and chipmunks in the trees, so I ran and tried to climb every tree!

There are so many trees in the Grandma Woods!

So many squirrels and chipmunks!  So little time!

Then much later we headed towards home.
Grandma said we had to walk on the 'other' side of the fence and leave the donkeys alone.
Morris told me the Donkeys were Dog Eating Dragons...
So I barked at them and yelled for them to stay on their side of the fence....or else...or else...
well, I dunno.
They listened though.

Then, we were just about home and Grandma decided that she needed to check the water tanks for something called Dexters.

I dunno what the Dexter thingy is, but it wasn't as scary as those big huge floppy eared donkey monsters.

I just sat politely and looked at them.

I would have barked at them if they look like they would threaten Grandma.
But they didn't.  They just chewed and looked at me.  
Though they did have impressive things Grandma told me...they were horns.

Our day ended with me sleeping on Grandma's lap and cuddling up nice.
Grandma didn't let me sleep with her on the bed though.
I'm going to tell my human dad.

Tomorrow we are taking a sunset walk.  Whatever that means.
Grandma keeps leaving in the middle of the night to go do things.  
Tonight she took MY favorite car to ride in.
The Jeep.
She says she'll be back tomorrow afternoon.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Jer Gets Married

Being the mom that I can be, I jumped at the chance to be a part of my youngest son's wedding.

Little did I know what I was in for.
Except a typical wedding, expect the unexpected to happen and ... of course it will!

The day opened with Thunderstorms and Severe Weather Statements.  Good for a wedding right?

So now I am arranging photos and doing some edits.
If you want, here is the link to the Gallery so far:
Jer and Samantha Wedding
Doing your own child's wedding is not recommended because you might just get a bit emotional like I did.

But heck, I got emotional when I sent either one of my boys off to kindergarten and got through it!

So I've been a busy person!
I've got a lot more work to do.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

SHE is up To Something ~ by Morris

All the signs are there.  SHE laid out a backpack that holds all of her camera kind of things on the spare bed.
HER little suitcase thing that she put clothes in is next to it.

SHE has been bustling around the house like a ninny getting this and that done.  Whatever This and That Are!

SHE pats me on my worried little head and tells me that things will be just fine.  Well, they are NOT just fine.
I want to go with HER.  If SHE goes somewhere, I should go too.
I mean, would you want to stay home with the grumpy guy?

Grumpy Guy isn't all that bad.  We sort of ignore each other unless it is time for me to eat and then I nag him.
I miss HER when SHE is gone.  I really really do.  SHE always puts out a sweatshirt of hers for me to cuddle with if SHE is going to work.  SHE makes sure that I am comfortable on my side of the love seat and that I have my pillow and a sweatshirt to snuggle with before she goes to bed.

Grumpy says I'm spoiled.  I say I am not.
I just am an aging Jack Russell who has figured out how to work the system.
Grumpy does say that I'm a good little fella once in a while.  That's because I like the Grandkids.  Little people are my specialty.

So I put a Hedgehog and a Squeaky Frog in HER case.  SHE ignored it.
SHE washed the Jeep.  
I'm getting worried.
I wonder what SHE is up to, and does it include me?

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Sundance Donkeys Dinah Opal Fred ~ a fun evening!

Move over old mules, I am the fastest molly on the place.  Watch me run!

By the way, this is MY side of the fence and don't cross it...I patrol it!

Oh...hello Donkeys!  Remember me?  You used to babysit me, Sundance the red Molly!

Strangely enough, Princess and Missy were not impressed and reminded me that they had been my babysitters when my mom died and that I should show respect.  Okay.
I respect.

Then fences were moved and Opal, Fred, and Dinah got a new grazing spot.  They are cleaning up behind the shed.
I guess the job is important!

They are older mules and know how to stay away from kicking sheds and important stuff like that.  Plus I guess they will not bother a one strand electric fence.

Dinah is one of those grown up mules who is an expert weed whacker and trimmer deluxe.  She how she can do it on the move?

Pretty impressive isn't she?

I let the donkeys know one last time that I was the BIG girl in the meadow now ... and they pretty much honked and laughed.

They said I am in need of a bit of maturity.
What on earth is that?

Thursday, June 06, 2013

Human Hearts

I'm a grumpy old molly mule.  Well, that is what everyone perceives me as.
I don't really like most humans.  When I was young I had some nasty handling.  But I don't want to talk about that.

However when SHE walked into our area the other day and just stood there quietly, I decided to be nice and get close to her.

She sometimes has a nice treat and sometimes she doesn't.
Whenever she 'catches' me it may be for just a brushing, hoof picking, or maybe a ride with her silly little dog.

HER voice is always quiet and soothing.  HER hands are never nasty or harsh.  SHE never raises her voice and never gets angry when I am fearful ... SHE calmly talks to me.

When SHE opened the gate and came in, I stood watching her.  Fred turned and ran to the other end of the small pasture.  He is hard to catch, but once cornered, he goes like a baby.

*Why on Earth are you being a ninny Fred and running away?*  She has no halter or lead rope.  *She isn't in the catching mood.*
Fred stopped and stared at HER.
*She could be hiding the lead rope and halter.  She could be you know.*

He swished his tail and looked around.  Dinah the spotted pretty mule stood over in the corner.  She didn't care one way or the other.  No one was even looking at her.  She lifted her tail and walked away looking for something to graze on.

I walked up to HER quietly amidst the rain drops.  SHE stood quietly until I came along next to her.
Then she simply and slowly raised a hand to my neck and began messaging me.

SHE said nothing.  SHE says a lot of nothings.  But I understand most of the time what she wants.  I know SHE still misses that handsome gelding bay mule, Badger.  
I can feel her sadness every single time she looks at us mules.  

So I walked moved just slightly into her hands, enough so that she would know that I like the finger massage.  I even closed my eyes and made a soft muley noise.

Fred huffed and stared at me. 
*Making friends with the humans!* He huffed.

I narrowed my eyes at him and said.
*You like them too.  You love the kids, you like HER, admit it!*

He turned his butt to me and walked away.

SHE watched but didn't say anything.  HER hands kept massaging, pulling loose hairs gently from my back.  I'm shedding now and it feels wonderful to have a hand massage.

SHE dropped her hands and walked over to check on the lower gate.  I followed eager for more massaging.  
SHE turned and wrapped her arms around my neck and gave me a human hug.

I think this rain must stop and allow HER to take me for a ride.  I don't like to admit this.
But I do like HER.
I like HER a lot.  More than I've ever liked a human in many years.

I know I am not Badger.  I know she likes others who are more friendly, but I think SHE sees me as a challenge.  
The molly mule who hates people.

But I'd take HER anywhere safely.  
I'd like to help fill up the space in HER heart for Badger and maybe get HER to like being with us mules again.

I see HER as a challenge.
I'll get into her heart.  I know I will.


Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Photography Walk ~ Get Together

Yesterday I got together with another lady who loves photography.  We've been trying to arrange a get together for months now.

Yesterday the weather was perfect and so was the sky.  I met her in LaCrosse and we went to the Riverside Park and took a walk and began to 'get to know' each other.  I work with her husband so we were not complete strangers.  Of course we'd talked via email and other internet resources.

But suddenly we were face to face and after only a few moments I realized that I'd met someone who was refreshingly enthusiastic and fun.  Who smiled a lot  and shared my passion for trying to get a 'good' or 'great' shot.

Off we went to Myric Park in LaCrosse which has trails that lead out into the marsh.  I x-country skied these trails with my cousin Aaron this winter.  
The trails look much different of course, in June!

I have to credit the above shot to Shoua who spotted this scene.  I saw it but really didn't register the potential until she said something.

 It helps that the both of us are adventurous people.  Shoua was not shy about trying something different.

I had lunch later with her and her husband and all I can say is that I really enjoyed doing photography with someone else.
It made the experience more gratifying to say the least.