Thursday, June 27, 2013

Getting Lost in the Woods

Oh I really didn't get 'lost' lost.  I just told hubby that I'd go out to the creek and check things out with the tripod was overcast and late in the day.
Somewhere I think about 5pm.  I figured I'd only be gone a little while you know?

But something happens when you get down in the creek and begin to wander around, listening the the music of the water.

Time stops.  Or, worse, you stop thinking about time like I do and begin to immerse yourself in water, rocks, sounds, bird song...and get wrapped up in it so badly, that you lose track of time.


Imagine my surprise when I discovered that it was 7pm!
My excuse was ... well there are rarely times when the creek is so full of flood water that is still draining off the ridges...
It was shoot now...or 

So I went for the NOW and kept looking and looking.

I found a portion of a broken glass pitcher on a rock.

I wonder where that came from?

Oh and then there was the parked car...well some of the years of dirt had washed off from it and this time it was more visible.


I found another spot that intrigued me ... and then I realized that if I moved away from the running water, I could hear some thundering in the distance.
I stopped and looked at my watch.

OH crap.
It was 7pm, where had the time gone?

I set up for one final shot.

And of course there is a shot of me taking a photo of some water on the rocks.
Yes, I am wearing a head net. 
The gnats were so awful that if I hadn't worn it, I'd never have enjoyed a moment in the bottom.

I packed up and raced home.  Only to find that my husband had finished the work that I had volunteered to help him with.
We watched the storm head south of us with our blessings...
and had a beautiful supper together.

This morning I am brewing a wonderful pot of Kona Coffee brought to me by my daughter in law.
It has only improved my resolve to go back next year.

It smells delicious.

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  1. Fantastic shots! I know that timeless feel in the woods, it's to be in that moment.