Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Sundance Donkeys Dinah Opal Fred ~ a fun evening!

Move over old mules, I am the fastest molly on the place.  Watch me run!

By the way, this is MY side of the fence and don't cross it...I patrol it!

Oh...hello Donkeys!  Remember me?  You used to babysit me, Sundance the red Molly!

Strangely enough, Princess and Missy were not impressed and reminded me that they had been my babysitters when my mom died and that I should show respect.  Okay.
I respect.

Then fences were moved and Opal, Fred, and Dinah got a new grazing spot.  They are cleaning up behind the shed.
I guess the job is important!

They are older mules and know how to stay away from kicking sheds and important stuff like that.  Plus I guess they will not bother a one strand electric fence.

Dinah is one of those grown up mules who is an expert weed whacker and trimmer deluxe.  She how she can do it on the move?

Pretty impressive isn't she?

I let the donkeys know one last time that I was the BIG girl in the meadow now ... and they pretty much honked and laughed.

They said I am in need of a bit of maturity.
What on earth is that?


  1. They are all such sweethearts.

  2. What a lovely gang! The looks on the donkeys' faces says it all... young upstart! Mules are great at weed duty, gotta love em.