Thursday, June 06, 2013

Human Hearts

I'm a grumpy old molly mule.  Well, that is what everyone perceives me as.
I don't really like most humans.  When I was young I had some nasty handling.  But I don't want to talk about that.

However when SHE walked into our area the other day and just stood there quietly, I decided to be nice and get close to her.

She sometimes has a nice treat and sometimes she doesn't.
Whenever she 'catches' me it may be for just a brushing, hoof picking, or maybe a ride with her silly little dog.

HER voice is always quiet and soothing.  HER hands are never nasty or harsh.  SHE never raises her voice and never gets angry when I am fearful ... SHE calmly talks to me.

When SHE opened the gate and came in, I stood watching her.  Fred turned and ran to the other end of the small pasture.  He is hard to catch, but once cornered, he goes like a baby.

*Why on Earth are you being a ninny Fred and running away?*  She has no halter or lead rope.  *She isn't in the catching mood.*
Fred stopped and stared at HER.
*She could be hiding the lead rope and halter.  She could be you know.*

He swished his tail and looked around.  Dinah the spotted pretty mule stood over in the corner.  She didn't care one way or the other.  No one was even looking at her.  She lifted her tail and walked away looking for something to graze on.

I walked up to HER quietly amidst the rain drops.  SHE stood quietly until I came along next to her.
Then she simply and slowly raised a hand to my neck and began messaging me.

SHE said nothing.  SHE says a lot of nothings.  But I understand most of the time what she wants.  I know SHE still misses that handsome gelding bay mule, Badger.  
I can feel her sadness every single time she looks at us mules.  

So I walked moved just slightly into her hands, enough so that she would know that I like the finger massage.  I even closed my eyes and made a soft muley noise.

Fred huffed and stared at me. 
*Making friends with the humans!* He huffed.

I narrowed my eyes at him and said.
*You like them too.  You love the kids, you like HER, admit it!*

He turned his butt to me and walked away.

SHE watched but didn't say anything.  HER hands kept massaging, pulling loose hairs gently from my back.  I'm shedding now and it feels wonderful to have a hand massage.

SHE dropped her hands and walked over to check on the lower gate.  I followed eager for more massaging.  
SHE turned and wrapped her arms around my neck and gave me a human hug.

I think this rain must stop and allow HER to take me for a ride.  I don't like to admit this.
But I do like HER.
I like HER a lot.  More than I've ever liked a human in many years.

I know I am not Badger.  I know she likes others who are more friendly, but I think SHE sees me as a challenge.  
The molly mule who hates people.

But I'd take HER anywhere safely.  
I'd like to help fill up the space in HER heart for Badger and maybe get HER to like being with us mules again.

I see HER as a challenge.
I'll get into her heart.  I know I will.



  1. You are so lucky to have a HER like this in your life, the best things come to those who wait and you waited long enough to find out that humans can be good.

    You remind me of my molly Dragon who likes things on her terms but will carry me safely anywhere. Us girls gotta stick together, enjoy your human time and I'm sure you'll win HER heart, the best thing to heal a broken heart is silent companionship and unassuming love, you mules are very good at that :-)

  2. Lordy girl, you just made me tear, thank you.