Sunday, June 23, 2013

After the Storm

Friday, when I headed to work the deluge opened.  I wasn't sure how hard the winds were blowing, but I could feel them pushing the Jeep around as I drove.
Though, to be sure, I wasn't sure if it was the wind or was it the water on the road.
Evidently after I left, trees fell onto the garage.  
Uprooted because the ground is so saturated.

Saturday a neighbor stopped by.  He was checking township roads and helping the road crew.
We got the tops of the trees off the garage and he left.

I took the dogs and decided to take a walk in our creek and down the valley.
The dogs had a great time.
Teslin kept thinking that the chipmunks and squirrels were calling to her, goofy dog.

I had to get after her.  She didn't want to stay close.  Morris never went far except the one time he followed her off and neither one of them came when I called at first.
I told Tes she was going to get 'grounded'.  
She spent time on a leash.  
I couldn't bear having something happen to her, silly city dog.

We found many beautiful things in the creek, and the flash flood from the day before was easily about 4ft high across most of the valley bottom.  That translates to a high volume of water.

Okay, here was the 'shot' of the day and one of my favorites.  Yes, I stood in the creek and used a tripod.  This was about a foot or more high.

Last night another huge front moved in at about 6pm.

And that is that.
2.5" more inches of water.
Flash flooding again.
Rivers and creeks flooding.
Makes about 7" of rain in a couple of days.

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  1. Hope you didn't have too much damage! Teslin looks to be enjoying the country life :)