Friday, May 26, 2006

Bad Hair Day

Bad Hair Day
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In more ways than one! I looked all day yesterday for my high school transcript and my darned college transcript. I know I have a file folder with all of the pertanent information for going to college.

Talk about frustrating, I was ready to pull my hair out! Now I'm going to spend the weekend tearing the house apart--literally.

At least I have my transcripts on the way thanks to the internet. I just have to find all of the previous GI bill info so I can apply for financial assistance.

This weekend I'm playing grandma. So many things I'd love to be doing! This grandma thing is high on my list!

Wednesday, May 24, 2006


Some days we wonder where we left Sanity. Did I leave it under the couch where the 'dust bison' are chasing it around?

Did I leave it in the garden under the dirt, where it will sprout with a little TLC?

Perhaps it is in my mule's eye, or dog's tail wag.

Some days I run around looking anxiously to find Sanity, only to realize it has been chasing me and I just have to stop and wait for it to catch me.

Surely this is nearly a non-sense type of post. But that is where I am at today. Looking for some sanity.

I'm going to go check in the bathroom now, perhaps I left it in the toilet?

Sanity, what does it look like?

It feels fluffy, sweet, smells good, and probably feels nice but I can only see it with my eyes closed...
and that

Monday, May 22, 2006

Being Me.

After weeks...35 days and 18 hrs of not riding...I saddled up Badger [against hubby's wishes] and went trail riding with my girl friend Glennie. We took off for the day and rode a small park called White Mound. The trails are challenging without being dangerous.
The greens were incredible, the honeysuckles filled the air with perfume. Wild geraniums and columbines burst forth from under the bright green fresh spring canopy. The carpet of the woods was a riot of colors and scents.
For the first time in ages I felt like a whole person again. I felt like I was back inside my skin, I felt a renewed joy of just breathing, seeing, feeling, touching, smelling...and AWARE. My senses were on overload and so was I.

Why can't hubby and everyone else [except my girlfriend] understand that in order to be ME, in order to feel alive, I need to be able to ride?
It is soul food.

Friday, May 19, 2006

Inside Myself

Yellow Rocket
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Yesterday I lay a blanket in the yard under the pine trees between where the donkeys were 'mowing' yard and the molly mules on the other side. I laid on my back and stared up through the tall pines. The sky was an incredible blue, I felt impelled to grab my camera, but lay there instead afraid to miss some 'blueness'.
A big white fluffy cloud drifted lazily through my vision as the pines bobbed their heads together and then seemed to lean back...then lean forward again, as if they were consulting on something.
Back and forth, back and forth.
I wondered what they were discussing?
The wind sighed it seemed as though they were speaking. The pine needles glistened in the sun.
I was sleepy but couldn't close my eyes. I watched the pine 'ladies' talk...
and drifted

Am I Fragile?

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Oh how funny and interesting. Yesterday was 'work' day here. I handled a breeding donkey...a stud to cover a mare. I pounded posts to make fences, I worked with a naughty mule who reared and tried to jerk away. Chased another mule 'who got away from hubby'. They were youngun's who were being transferred to a new pasture and were crazy to run in the nice long grass.

Then when I announce that I am going to make plans to go riding on sunday...hubby has a fit and announces that I am FRAGILE! Excuse me?

Yes I have an injured shoulder and yes I am having surgery in a month...but if I can work my butt off all day doing rather dangerous things, I should be able to go on a nice quiet trail ride.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006


Simply Trees
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I know second entry for today. But the sun came out and I just talked to hubby about going out again in the woods. This time of year I can't stay out of the 'wild' areas.

The trees, the flowers, the foliage asks me to come and play.

And my dog likes it too!

Rainy days

Apple Blossoms
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I ducked under the electric fence and headed into the woods, the sky was grey but it wasn't raining...when boom...rain started coming down in sheets.
Morris my JRT ran around splashing in the mud while I ducked under some young chokecherry trees and made like a 'turtle' and watched the rain come down. It was a pleasant noise drumming on my raincoat hood and I made a mental note to pick up rain pants.

Hubby called me on the little walkie talkie to ask me why I hadn't come back. I told him I liked the rain and yes the camera was safely tucked away with my pistol under my coat.

I sat for a very long time. If you are stuck inside during a rainy day it can be depressing, but outside in 'it'...well it was simply enjoyable.

Monday, May 15, 2006

Morel Hunting/Surprise

Morel Hunting
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Actually I only hoped to run across some morels while walking in the rainy woods yesterday. For some reason I didn't take Morris my dog with me on this excursion and it felt creepy to be in the woods by myself.
At one point I sat on a downed tree and listened to a turkey gobble and talk quite loudly and quite close. I sat still for a long time then decided to move on.

I walked around the bend and headed for the creek that joins to our land and I noticed a smattering of pressed grass with feathers scattered about.

No doubt a turkey had been killed here. So I followed the pressed grass and came across the shredded remains of a rather large turkey. Curious as to what I was seeing I stooped down to look and jerked upright pulling that little .22 pistol and taking the safety off.

I was looking at the 'head' of a rather large gobbler,...his head was the size of my boot! Why did I feel fear all of a sudden? Why did I feel so creeped out? The grass sparkled with 'fresh' blood and the gobblers eyes had not glazed over yet.

I'd run into a very very fresh kill. I decided to make a beeline for our mules' pasture after snapping photos of a rather large dog print in the mud of the creek bottom. It was no coyote.
I felt a small comfort in the fact that my husband had purchased a semi-auto pistol for me and wondered where the 'big' dog was? This was not the first I'd seen his/her tracks.

But on the other hand, I did get some incredible shots and saw wildflowers I'd never seen before.

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Rainy days and such

Umbrella for Morris
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Been cold and rainy for a few days. I've been laid up with a mysterious flu--it was pretty wicked. Today I have enough energy I think to get to town for some much needed supplies.
Poor hubby has got it now.
So most of the day will be spent organizing my picture files for the next 'grandma woodlife book'.

Friday, May 12, 2006

Attack of the creeping crud...

Ugh, sick as a dog. So there won't be words of wisdom from me today. Just going to hunker down in bed with some extra blankets and a book for when I wake up.
I hate days like this!

Wednesday, May 10, 2006


Family Outing
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This is the latest picture that is going to be on the cover of Mules and More Magazine. The editor emailed me yesterday. I knew it was a 'good' one when I took it. One of those unplanned photos with no just felt good you know?
Perhaps there is hope for me yet.

Something to strive for while laid up from riding anyway.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Weekend away...

Twisted logs
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We traveled to Missouri this weekend to drop off a Jennet donkey and to see some friends.
Of course this place was riding heaven. On Saturday I was severly bummed knowing I couldn't ride and watched 15 folks saddle up mules to ride.
So I grabbed my cameras and ran off into the woods for some solace. I hated not riding but did enjoy photographing my friends riding.

I found this place and hung out for a while to watch a family of geese with their little gosslings.

Today I found out that the shoulder surgery is not planned until June 23rd! Talk about having a whole summer ruined. I am impatient and hate waiting, can you tell?

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Bored out of my gourd...

Breyer horse and mule play...
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What happens when you can't run and play...when you can't ride, when you are 'grounded' and are almost 50 yrs old...and never EVER felt so trapped by one stupid part of your body?

My husband is hovering like a damned mother hen, okay that got old after the first month...we are going on 7 months!

Last nite I took out my Breyer models and 'played' with them in the yard. Silly isn't it? But creativity is something that is in the head and not something that hubby and the docs can control...yeah, I suppose they'll be coming to take me away after this.

Seeing the surgeon today. Wonder what is next. This whole deal is getting way too expensive. Both physically and financially!

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Pure Joy

Pure Joy
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I should've probably included her little brother -- and not fail to mention that I now have 3 grandchildren!!!

It is pure joy to be around a 2 1/2 yr old who is full of smiles laughs and so much energy...and then so cranky and upset when she is tired. That is the joy of being a child, being free with your emotions.

Update on my shoulder?--I have some better movement now, but today the pain is intense. Will see the surgeon on Thursday to find out what the next step will be. I'd like to get rid of this pain, it has been ongoing since Oct '05!

Of course now the pain might be related to a bone bruise.
Wait and see.

Meanwhile I will find things to take joy in.