Wednesday, June 21, 2006


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Father's Day has come and gone. Last year I called my father on the 22nd of June. We had a long and lovely talk. I promised to send him pictures of 'Nick' the world's ugliest hound dog. I apologized for not calling him on Father's Day...he laughed and said well it really didn't matter, he wasn't one to worry about small things like that.

I miss him. I miss his voice, his stupid and funny stories--now I'd do anything to hear those stories again. I miss his funky old man smell and his shuffle...his odd ways that I always considered bothersome.

I used to sigh and roll my eyes when he started in on another lecture on life...though he was generally correct.

I miss his chuckle and soft voice. I miss his funny ways...I miss him terribly.

June 24th he died and even though they say you get over it...well I haven't yet.
Here's to you Dad.
Love you.

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