Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Closer and closer...

Shed on Dead End
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I went riding last nite with my gal friend Glennie. Monday afternoons have been working out so well to ride together. It doesn't infringe upon our husband's time and we get some 'gal' time together.
Glennie is well aware at how apprehensive I am at having my shoulder worked on.
The surgery itself won't be a huge big deal. It is having the 'arm' strapped to my side and the immobility for two weeks that concerns me. I hate to be 'trapped'.
I'll be the one armed bandit, with no riding~eek gads!
I know, it really isn't a big deal, not when you consider what my good cyber friend is going through with her dad...hugs to you Rachel.
So I should just shut up and quit whining, right?

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