Tuesday, June 06, 2006

I'm a Photographer!!!!

The most coolest thing in the world happened to me yesterday!!! I actually made my first ever photography sale!!! Yes, you heard right!

I sold 7 photos to a fella who had been at the endurance race on Saturday. He expressed interest in the pictures and then when I asked which ones he wanted, he said all of them [of him]!!! I'm getting paid real money, not just a mention in a credit.

Whhhhooooo weeeee! [BTW, never heard from that other fella who wanted to look at my pics from the Kickappoo Valley Association~I'd better call him and find out what's up!]

7 Photos is not stupendous, but hey the $ goes into a special acct for something like a new camera, or computer or...well you get my drift.

Maybe I'm just dreaming. But gosh it sure was a good feeling.


  1. Rock ON, sister! That's such great news. I bet you'll do so good with these endurance rides. I know that if *I* were a rider I'd want ALL of the pictures you took of me. :)

    *HUGS* Congratulations!

  2. Thanks Rachel!!! Finally a stranger actually bought pictures!!! Whhooohoo.


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