Sunday, January 29, 2006

The begining of my love for cameras.

Young Jer
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So many years ago when I had a crappy camera that belonged to my husband [ex], I decided to play with a roll of 12 exposures and the boys wanted to play dress up and have their pictures taken.

I hadn't touched a camera in years. When I developed the roll I was floored. I loved it.

My excitement had me make copies and frames for the grandparents. My husband's parents gave me my ever faithful Pentax ME super in exchange for the photos and the crummy camera I had.

My mother moaned that the boys were not smiling, ergo, NOT a potrait that SHE would put on her walls.
Moral? My mom doesn't have these. But each of my boys has one of these potraits hanging in their homes.

I got the last laugh.

Tomorrow is the day we'll see about my shoulder!


  1. I would like to hear about your shoulder, okay?

  2. Adorable! Oh my gosh, what a wonderful, wonderful memory. That photo is absolutely beautiful, Val. :)


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