Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Do you believe in Santa?

When I was a young of my sons asked me a question around Christmas time.

*Mom, do you believe in Santa?*

Oh the dreaded question every mother does NOT want to hear. Should I lie? Should I tell the truth? Should I relate the story about the playground fight when I was in 4th grade that happened because some kid had told me there was no Santa and I'd had a knock down drag out brawl with settle the facts of course.

Probably not.

I believed in the magic of Christmas Eve. I believed in the spirit of the Holiday, for what ever reasons. I loved the images of Christmas, the sights, the sounds, the music and the bright eyes on my children when they saw presents under the tree.

I mulled it over as my son stood before me. I couldn't lie, but I could find a way to tell the truth.

*I believe in the Spirit of Santa Claus, * I stated.
He nodded and turned away satisfied, I think.

I've refined that phrase a bit over the years.
I believe in the Spirit of Christmas.

Oh yes I do.

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