Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Call of the Wild

The woods were friendly today...okay, don't ask me how I know this, but it felt ominous the other day and today...

it felt nice.
I made the mistake of thinking I could find deer trails that were packed down enough to forego wearing my snow shoes.

We've had 33" of snow so far this month...that is a LOT of snow.
I broke trail as I followed my summer mule trail. It wasn't so bad really.
But I was fresh and was traveling light, no extra cameras or tripods to drag along.

I wanted to get down to the old coyote den by the creek and take a quick look around.

I didn't bring Morris so I wouldn't have to wait on him while he found deer 'poopsicles' to eat or other things that sometimes distract him.

Today I went the opposite way, following the creek's flow.

The sound of the water running was literally music to my ears. It was like a song of temptation leading me on.

Not only that, the view was absolutely stunning even in the gray and overcast day.

I shot photos until my old FujiFinePix Camera's battery ran out. I was fascinated by the ice formations but frustrated that I really hadn't time to set up for some really great shots.

[I'd promised to be home in an hour~~what idiot (me) can make that kind of promise?]

I was rushed and found that the slogging through over knee deep snow had made me slower than I thought.

I had to take a 'short cut' home. I climbed the steep hill and rested at the crest where the 3 stumps are.
I used a Gorilla-Pod to take a self portrait...

...and then crossed the electric fence and headed across the meadow towards home.
That was the most brutal walk I've experienced in a long time. Each step was either knee deep or deeper.

Was it fun?
Would I do it again?
Oh heck yes.

If I'd had my way, I would have continued for another half mile along the creek.
But I suppose a woman should go home and cook supper and do domestic-type thingies.

I can't help myself when I get the Call of the Wild in me.

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