Thursday, December 09, 2010

Getting your husband to fix the dryer ~ a plot

So I hear a thump from the dryer.
Peer inside to see that the drum is not moving.
Hubby looks and says
*Hmmm, belt must've broke.*
Me: *Yup*
Him: *Gonna have to fix that.*

Days later.
Laundry is piling up.
Me thinking evil type thoughts comes up with a plan.

I do the wash and hang it out on the line. His pants, his long johns, and his favorite bath towel...and of course some of my clothes.

Him: *You know I can't stand crispy stiff pants and towels.*
Me: *Yup.*
Him: *So why are you hanging them?*

I shrug innocently and continue to hang out the laundry which freezes and flaps.
Him: *Oh $*&^, the dryer is broke.*

Crispy clothes are great motivators.
[Me...I like the fresh smell and know that after a bit the crispy wears off.
Evil me.


mj said...

Knew that you were getting some cold air and snow. It does make for very poor clothesline drying weather. Nice non-confrontational plan on your part.
How's Morris? Is his eye back to normal?

Val said...

Yes, he recovered overnight. He is back to his usual self.

We've been hiking and having fun in the new snow.

He did ask to be carried after walking in the freezing creek water!
Thanks for asking.

Yeah, well our clothes may be line dried for a while!