Thursday, December 02, 2010

Morris: My Really Yucky Day

My day just started out really really bad.
I got in trouble with the fella when SHE came home.
I heard her car's engine and started to bark and whine and spin in circles like any good dog would. It was early morning and I just wanted everyone to know just how much I missed HER.

I got yelled at loudly. I was sent to my crate where I pouted and felt bad. When SHE came home he let me out to greet her and I acted all sad and wouldn't wag my tail.

SHE got mad at HIM.
Doggy revenge is sweet isn't it?

But then tonight SHE started pulling stuff out of the cubby hole under the stairs. She literally covered up my living room and left me with no where to lay down. My couch was covered up with stuff. She calls it Christmas decorations.

SHE found an old forgotten toy monkey that had elastic arms and SHE was playing tug of war with me while we were spreading out Christmas stuff when
she let go of the rubbery arms of the toy monkey and it flew back and hit me in the eye.

I yelped and ran out of the room.
SHE felt very bad.
Two cookies bad. [That must be very bad indeed.]

Being a faithful and wonderful supportive Jack Russell; I did feel it my duty though to sit and watch HER decorate the not real tree. Looking with one eye squinted really worked well, as SHE kept kneeling next to me and telling me how sorry she was and petting me really nice.

This guilt trip thing really works well. SHE cleaned off the couch and I snuggled in next to her sweatshirt.

But I'd rather not get smucked in the eye with a stupid elastic monkey. I think SHE tossed the offensive thing out.

Yucky day, nice cuddles.
And the not very real tree is Christmas decorated now. I guess it looks okay. I don't think I'd pee on it though.



mj said...

Oh, he really does look like a battered puppy. Milking it for all he's worth! Poor little guy ...

Rose said...

That story is so funny Val. You are really good at these Morris tails, I mean tales! lol Poor little guy is working the guilt thing though. Now let's see a pic of the not real Christmas tree.

Val said...

The not real Christmas tree is pitiful to behold...I will indeed get a photo of it.

And Morris is true to his word, he never pees on it.. LOL!

He is back to his wonderful JRT self Happy and Carefree!