Monday, December 06, 2010

Hope. Cherish.

To wish for something with expectation of its fulfillment.

Cherish suggests regarding or treating something as an object of affection or as valuable.

Today was unusual. I helped out a friend that is struggling in her life. She needed a 'pick me up' in the worst way.
On my way to her house I stopped and at a place called Crazy Franks [a cheap store something on the line of a Dollar Store] and picked up a couple of toys for her two Corgis that keep her company.
I figured she'd love those gifts, as she is an animal person.

It lit up her day.
It was getting late in the day and I asked if I could help her with her chores. She was surprised but pleased as no one usually helped her even when her husband was around.

The wind was bitterly cold. I carried warmed 'mash' for her horses in buckets, poured fresh water in the stall buckets, and helped carry hay.
In the meantime the sky put on a pastel display of colors, I whipped my old digital pocket camera out and took a photo of a tree in her yard.

*Oh that yard is so ugly,* she said.
*Stop a moment and look at the pastel sky,* I replied, hefting the bucket I'd set down.
She stood a second, looked up against the raw wind and said.

*Why yes it is.*

We finished chores and I said my goodbyes to her dogs and to her; I was feeling a trifle guilty knowing that she was spending this bone chilling night alone. I cautioned her to please call me at ANY hour. She promised and then gave me a huge hug.

I left as the sun dipped below the horizon and hustled home to make supper and eat it with my husband and dog, and enjoy a quiet evening together. I reflected on how lucky I was.

I pulled up to the mail box and opened it up. With chilled fingers I grabbed the mail and sorted it as I tossed it into the passenger seat.
One envelope was hand written. Yes, a lot of Christmas Wishes are hand addressed. But I had recognized this handwriting.
It belonged to my mother.

Hope and Cherish held in my hand. In an unopened envelope.
I regarded it for a long time before putting the car back into drive and heading down the long driveway.

Hope and Cherish indeed.
...and Wishes can come true.
This I know because I believe...

~In the moments of our lives
Both the joyous and the tragic
If the truth is to be told
We are all pursuing magic~
[Trans-Siberian Orchestra Poetry]


Rose said...

Val, you really are such a nice person! You do for others but don't forget to take of yourself as well. Of course helping others is a way of helping ourselves too...isn't it? Makes us a better person.

Val said...

That it does. I did leave wishing I could stay.