Sunday, December 05, 2010

Taking a Drive

[no I was not driving when I took this, I slowed to a was just snowing so hard and that makes it look blurry...and yes the other photo is crap too, but you get the idea!]

[if you want a thrill press the little thingy in the right hand corner and it'll give you full screen terror...honest, it is worth it...and only takes a second or two!]

So what is it like to drive in really poor conditions?
What kind of idiot does this?

One night~~~fog so dense that I felt like I should get out in front of the car and show it where to go with a flash light.
...taken at a 5mph crawl.

A week later?
Oh a snow storm!

Hubby... *Awww take the truck, it'll be just fine!*
Me...Quaking inside...*Um okay.*

Me...all the way to work, asking myself *Are YOU out of your ever loving mind?*

No plows had been out yet on the back roads. Ever try seeing the rest of the road in the dark, in head lights?

Thoughts of Hawai'i humming through my feeble brain as I concentrated on keeping the truck ON the road.

Got to work. Boss lady brought extra cinnamon donuts and glazers. Sweet. She made our day!

Thank you to the snow plow guys, you are my heros. The roads were clear by the time it was the end of the shift!

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  1. Been there, done that. Terrible trying to drive in a storm, isn't it? My son had to drive home in one last night and said he couldn't even see 5 feet in front of him...blowing snow and snow covered roads...terror for sure.