Tuesday, December 28, 2010

New Year's Eve

I don't get to excited about New Year's Eve like I used to as a kid. After all, when you get to be MY AGE...you don't need all the extra reminders that time is creeping forward and everything is 'aging'.

[Hah...eldest son, you are getting older also!]

Normally I just go to bed on New Year's Eve and wake up the next day and try to remember to write the new year date properly.

This New Year's Eve looks to be an interesting one. According to the NOAA we are to expect a day of freezing drizzle, then a day of 42 degree weather with lots of rain...on New Year's Eve the temps are going to plummet and well...
welcome to the world of ice.

So I may be spending New Year's Eve with the Elders again. I wonder what fun they'll have cooked up for this night?
[I work New Year's Day and if we have rain, the gravel roads will turn into skating rinks]

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