Wednesday, September 27, 2023

I 'yam Twila

Guest Blog by Twila:

My Mom and Dad thought some time at Grandma and Grandpa's farm would be fun for me while they went on a trip before their puppy comes. Oh wait Grandma says it is a baby human, not a puppy

When my Dad left, I was in terrible shock. I saw his orangey Subaru pull away in the rain and I just couldn't belief it. He forgot me! Wait. The Grandma said not to worry, I'd get to see them again soon. I don't know what 'soon' is so decided to circle the house endlessly for a while. 

I checked all the doors and windows. 

The Grandma said 'Chill out' and she sat on the couch with Charlie. I was still worried and decided to sit there too. Maybe my Dad just made a huge mistake and once he looked in the back of the Subaru he'd know I was forgot.

Pretty soon the Grandpa joined us on the couch.

I settled in for a bit and then after sorting and arranging the toys and bones...
I took a nap.

When the rains stopped Grandma took out my leash. It has a chain thing on it because I chew through leashes when I take walks.

I like sticks, I like smells, I like sticks very much. I like smells very much. I like Charlie too. I like to follow him.
Grandma says I am strong. I am strong. I pulled her right up the hill with me. I'm a big help.

When we got to the Big Woods, I got to smell lots of wild things. There were deer bones, deer poo, and other delightful things. Charlie showed me around. 
By the time we reached the top of the second hill I wasn't pulling the Grandma up the hill anymore. I was just walking next to her.

I even sat pretty when she told me to. She wanted to take my picture to send to Dad so he would know I didn't get loose or lost. 

Grandma says I look like a coyote. I am not sure what a coyote is but Dad says I am cattle dog and a lot of other things. Grandpa calls me Heinz 57 and I don't know what that is either.

Charlie calls me Dog or Hey You.

I got back from the big hike/walk and it was supper time. Charlie ate his food and I ate mine only after Grandma put some of Charlie's Kibbles on top of mine.

More time outside after the humans ate their supper and then it was time to relax.

I slept all night in my bed when the humans went to sleep. I cuddled with Grandma around 4 in the morning.

After our breakfast and morning outing, Grandma told me she wanted us to do quiet time while she had her morning coffee.

We can be really good doggies.

I wonder what we will do today!

I 'yam Twila...or Dog.



  1. Awwww, nice to meet you Twila. I can see you settled in nicely with Charlie and the grandparents. You look like a pretty dog to me!

  2. Twila is a wonderful dog. It is hard for them to give up their bond temporarily but she did bounce towards you. You have a great place for her to explore so many new things.

  3. Well hello Twila, enjoy your vacation... errr, visit.

  4. What a fun houseguest! I bet Charlie is enjoying this special visit, too.

  5. You settled right in ! Good girl! You do look a bit like a coyote!


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