Friday, September 22, 2023

Meanwhile in Lego land

I purchased this from a young man at the farmer's market for $2 early this summer. I liked what he built even though it isn't from any set that Lego puts out. 

It took me a while to figure out what to do with this little figure and his bizarre space pod.

I decided that his name is Arnie and he was a junk collector. Maybe even a junk recycler.

Meet Arnie!

Imagine Arnie's excitement in finding cool things on the farm, like bit and pieces on old farm equipment.

Arnie uses his remote control to pick pieces of valuable materials up.

Then Arnie spots the Motherlode!!!!

A Humanoid Dump Truck!

Imagine what he'd get for that truck!

How on earth will he gather this?

Perhaps he'll have to take tiny pieces off here and there...

Arnie will have more stories in the future but I'm not exactly sure when. 

Being a wildly imaginative person, I do jump from one thing to another just to satisfy my moments of intense creative desires.

The dump truck left before I could finish this line of stories, but each time I walk around another large 'junk' pile on the farm I think about Arnie and his desire for Junk Recycling.

Right now he is parked while I concentrate on the changes of color that are happening quickly around here.

Arnie may have to wait until the Fall season is over...

Have a great Friday!


  1. Our leaves haven't turned yet, thanks for the splash of color! I have huge tubs of legos and the grandkids love to create their own figures and structures. Imagination is the best!

    1. Legos are great. When one of the workers that delivered a new box spring and mattress this week saw my Lego display he had to tell me about his passion for Star Wars Legos and his latest build!
      I guess it isn't just for kids anymore! :)
      Good for you having Legos for the grandkids!

  2. Nice to meet you, Arnie! There's time for plenty of adventures with Arnie later. I am starting to see some color on the trees.

  3. As an art teacher I would have enjoyed having you as one of my students. Creativity is so fun.

  4. Fall is here, Arnie could have some marvelous adventures there on the farm!


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