Thursday, May 05, 2005

Nite out...

Well I hadn't done anything special in a week or so with my husband so last night I asked him out on a date. Well, ok my 'dates' are not like anyone else's. We donned our nite lites and grabbed Ugly Nick and Jetta, two coon hounds. Ugly Nick is a grade dog. He has a great personality but is darn right ugly. His head is HUGE with small lab ears. His body is super long and his tail is short, he wieghs nearly as much as I do. He is part black and tan which is a breed my husband really admires in hounds. Jetta in contrast is a beauty. She is properly proportioned with extra long ears and a voice that makes the heavens sing when she bays on track.
However she is a $2,500 dog that cannot hunt solo.

Off into the dark we walk with the hounds. We released them and then spent about a half hour listening for them. It was beautiful. Several hoot owls started talking rapidly in the trees around us, the stars were shining...
But no dogs baying.

Far off in the distance I think I hear Nick or Jetta, I can't tell. After walking through some of the thickest nastiest brush in the dark for an hour, we find the dogs. Treed. We love them up and put thier leashes on. My husband peers around and starts laughing. We walk into a neighbor's pasture and up into an open field.
We could've gone this way the first time.

But then our 'date' would have been boring.

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