Tuesday, May 24, 2005

The Troll...

gold sunrise
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I look forward to each new day and what it is going to bring. This morning though, I woke up as grumpy as all get out. I guess it is from a week of all of the farm chores resting on my shoulders.

I am so tired of being 'wonderwoman'...always cheerful at work, always cheerful at home. My fibromyalgia is making my fingers feel like damned stubs, my body says..enough! I have a birthday staring me in the face, and new grey hairs and wrinkles where I didn't have them before.

I wonder if I am allowed to have a grumpy day or not. I think I'd rather spend today holed up in the backwoods, not being polite to the public at work, and being nice at home.

Kinda feel like the troll under the bridge...don't walk over me!

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  1. Everybody needs down time, sister, so don't feel bad for taking a day to be grumpy and grouchy. :)