Tuesday, April 26, 2022

Adventures in Squatch Land

There is something magical in watching the sun rise with good friends.

Being small has its advantages. One can get very close to the little things in the forest, like moss.

Misty mornings leave water droplets on the moss capsules.

~~So much beauty in
tiny things.~~

Squatch had an idea. Would Hobby like to come along?

It could be an exciting adventure. One fraught with danger and mystery. Well, perhaps that was exaggerated. 

They came over the hillside and stood by a towering Dutchman's Breeches plant coming out of the leaves.


Caves could be great places for Squatches to hide out.

Perhaps they should start investigating caves to see if they could find a Squatch relative.

They waded through a small creek.

No other Squatch tracks. It was a disappointment. However Hobby had a feeling IF they just could get past this large body of water, they may just find something!

The search continues....


  1. Cute storyline, with great photos of tiny things and not so tiny things!

    1. I should have taken more time to write this, but I just had so much fun hunting down flowers. I didn't know which way to turn next!

  2. Oh my goodness - these photos are breathtaking! I love the story, but the photos are terrific!

  3. Fun photos! You have a Spring flower too! Love the droplets!


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