Sunday, May 01, 2022

Hay Valley Spring Hike

It was time for our second Annual Spring Hike at Kickapoo Valley Reserve. Fellow Blogger Aurora [equine expressions] and I studied the weather and decided to go for it this week.
Not only was she early to our meet up place, she said she didn't get lost. 

Once we started, our Trail Master kept us on the right track.

At first glance, the trail may look a bit mundane and even boring. But it isn't. Spring feels a bit late this year, but ... is slowly emerging and with a few warmer days it will explode.

If one looks closely, the flowers are emerging on certain hillsides.


Dutchman's Breeches


[see the fuzzy leaves?]

Wild Photographer
on the loose:

We stopped a lot and just soaked in the forest sounds. The day was a bit overcast and at times the sun peeked through but we just walked, talked, and admired everything along the trail.

And photographers who hike together will often grab a candid of the other person. Aurora was no exception. She caught me playing with my Legos.

What was I doing? Well, I was setting up a Lego BigFoot inside a 'cave'. However, I wasn't sure that he should have a fire inside a hollow tree.

The place I really wanted Aurora to see was the old foundation.

This was a much better place to discover Bigfoot.

Photos by

And this is what I was shooting. I found Bigfoot!!!! He was taking a photo of me!

We spent a lot of time looking at this foundation. It may be the only remains of one of the farm buildings that were purchased to make way for the dam that didn't happen.

We took our time and strolled, stopping often to look at things. I never even glanced to see what time it was. I was enjoying everything so much. Female human company AND the great outdoors.

Pussy Toes
this plant had
me stumped until I recalled
finding them before!

Shining Firmoss

If I'd had my way, I would have not even gone back to my vehicle. I would have waved a magic wand and become a woodland elf.

That outing relaxed me so much, it lasted through the weekend. I'm so chill right now I could just melt right into the ground and enjoy the misty rainfall.


  1. Beautiful spring flowers. :) Bigfoot had better be careful around that big sleeping bear behind him.

    1. Haha! BigFoot should be careful!

  2. So glad you had such a terrific time! So much beauty and it sounds like you truly enjoy each other's company and companionship! Thank you for sharing the lovely wildflowers.

    1. It was a beautiful hike, the outdoors air and the incredible scenery was so worth every moment.

  3. What an awesome hike we shared! It "filled up my cup" in many ways. Hard to put into words. There were so many memorable (and funny) moments. What a difference arriving early & not getting lost trying to find you makes. Finally!!! You deserve an award for putting up with this Wild ('er crazy) photographer :))

    You wrote a nice recap Val, and your photos are SO great! I think we found a lot of wild flowers (you rattled off the names, I nodded my head lol) considering the cool delayed Spring we are having. The flowers were delicate and small, just emerging ~ such a special time! Those blues & blurples (and pink & white and all shades in between) stood out against the bare forest floor. Just stunning!

    You picked the perfect hiking route. Color me happy! Thanks for hanging out in da' woods with me. I truly cherished our time together. KVR is just magical!!

  4. Wild-crazy nutty co-photographer. What could be better than that?

    This would be a nice fall re-do to admire the drastic change and colorful leaves. I found a lot of neat fungi and mushroom last September here.

    Oh our funny moments were hilarious too. Hunting for a tiny Lego camera in the fluff of old leaves? Yeah.
    I hope to find more 'blurples' this week!

  5. So glad Aurora came to hike with you again and she didn't get lost! You gals had fun together! Always a good time with like minded friends! You have more Spring than we do. There is still snow in the woods. This has been such a long winter:(

    1. We really did have a great time. Things are getting green here and the tulips are getting ready to blossom in some spots.


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