Tuesday, May 24, 2022

I must be odd...

I am taking the Teriparatide injection for  Severe Osteoporosis. It fairly fine for the first month. I think. It is not painful to inject and it was actually easier to remember to do. Easier than taking the Fosomax pill which was icky beyond belief.

After 3 weeks I started to get some aches and pains in my legs. Charlie Horses, pain behind the knee, pain in front of the knee, what felt like shin splints [if you ever have been a runner]. I wrote the issues off to the fact that I was hiking looking for morels and gardening more. 

Then I realized that I was not actually hiking more or being more active at all. In fact I was so tired some of the time I'd elect to take a nap rather than get out and do yard work. 

Sunday night it came to a head. I'd had a great day. But after sitting for a bit and watching Rich's new favorite series -- Wicked Tuna -- my leg and hands started to hurt more. My hands I'd written off to all the gardening and the Heberden and Bouchard nodes [arthritis of the finger joints] just being angry at pulling weeds. But they also felt swollen. I had a hard time picking small items up.

OH NO! How was I to mess with my tiny Lego People and my Squatch!  HMMM???

Yeah, my mind is strange.

By bedtime I could barely walk. 

I hurt so badly that I decided not to take an injection. It hurt too much to even walk into the other room.

By midnight I was sobbing in pain, wondering how to resolve this issue. Did I drive to the local ER? No! I couldn't leave my hubby along in case...well, in case something went terribly wrong.

I used ice, I used heat, I elevated the leg. I rubbed it, stripped it and found out that the only way to stop my pain was to simply stand up and stand still. 

This MADE no sense. Sorry for the shout out. But it made no sense and I was so worn out from the pain and from the worry. NO way was I going to stand all night.

Ok. So I looked up the medication I am taking. It works by activating the parathyroid in your body to produce hormones that will build your bones. That sounds like a miracle.

Side note. If your parathyroid is over active it can cause something called hyperparathyroidism which leads to Hyercalcemia.  Big Words for some icky feelings. That is my oversimplification. 

Bone pain, muscle weakness, muscle pain, joint pain, fatigue,...side effects from this medication can cause bone pain, muscle pain, fatigue, brain fog, increased thirst, ... well you know how those labels read don't you? There is always a mile long list of things you really need to know...but don't want to know.

That all said, it remains to be seen if the medication is doing its proper work or am I suffering from a side effect that caused my parathyroid to release too much calcium into my bloodstream which causes more injury than it helps and can eventually cause well...


One shouldn't look this sh-t up in the middle of the night when they are suffering from pain, right? But we all do it in the internet age. Was I over reacting? I don't know. But in the middle of the night

the boogey man likes to visit those sleep deprived minds.

8AM rolled around and I called the nurse at the Endocrinology department. She asked several questions and I answered. 

Pain level at its worst? Can it be more than 10? Can it be passing out bad?

She said she'd get back to me after talking with the doctor.

I waited all day. I gimped around the house and sat in my partially completed flower garden. By afternoon I decided to put pillows up under my legs and take more Tylenol. 

Later I went back outside to plant some seeds and wait.

No calls.

I gimped up the hill to water the mules. I gimped around to move the goat and the pony. 

I skipped another injection. This medication doesn't stay in your system for long periods of time.

So I am doing my own experiment. 

The pain level was 10 on Sunday night.

The pain level was 8 all day yesterday.

I can walk today. I have stiffness in the leg and a minor ache. 

Pain level this morning? Like a 3!


I am not in agony.

I'm very curious as to what the doctor will have to say to me if the nurses ever decide to call back.

Today? I have other things to do.

Charlie goes in for a tooth extraction! How that little dog cracked a tooth is beyond me.

So it goes. 

What next?


  1. I am so sorry friend. Everyone's body reacts differently. I don't think it's odd that standing felt the most comfortable. There is something about sitting/lying still that fires up that which ails us. Only we can decide if medical intervention benefits outweigh the side-effects. I wonder if your bones showed any improvement from a month of shots. Maybe the dose can be adjusted. Consider following up with the nurse/doc. Every place is understaffed and they may need a reminder. You shouldn't have to, but health is important. Good luck with Charlie!

    1. Yes I sent them a secure message. I find those items get answered better than a phone call. In fact Rich's new doctor had said this was the best way to communicate with her.
      I feel awful for the elderly who don't have email/internet savvy to be able to respond only by phone or a visit.

      Yes, I am investigating it further. I won't give up on trying!

  2. When you had bloodwork done what was your Calcium level? I would find that out...certainly something was amuck, is it coincidence that you feel better with no injections? Sure hope the Dr gets back to you, send them another email. Poor Charlie hope he feels better after the tooth is gone:)

    1. That was normal as was my parathyroid levels. I was normal with all the blood work. We are trying a few days without injections to see if it makes any difference.

  3. Anonymous2:03 PM

    Comments only allowed me to post as anonymous. How horrible for you to endure that kind of pain over a prolonged period. It's good it's diminished and I hope you've received a call. I think I found you off another blog I follow but I don't remember who! I'm Sandra http://worldsendfarmthisandthat.blogspot.com

    1. Blogger is odd sometimes. I got a call back today. Seeing if no injections changes things for a couple of days. Not sure what is next.

  4. First I want to say how sorry I am. Sorry you have to deal with this and sorry that the medication is causing all these miserable side effects. It sounds absolutely miserable and I wonder if there could be a better alternative once you get some answers. I am glad you were able to figure it out so quickly.
    My doctor's secretary (when she called out of the blue and shocked me with the results of my bone scan) said my doctor wanted me to start daily Prolia injections. After I picked myself up off the floor and went on line to read the test results myself (with my background in absolutely nothing) - I then googled Prolia which seems to have a lot of the same side effects along with a tendency to causing all kinds of infections. And once you start Prolia injections, you cannot stop without medical intervention. After fretting, I decided to ignore it for a year and talk to him when I go back for a check up in October.
    After a previous experience, the first thing I do is check side effects. Several years ago I had a severe case of shingles and my doctor prescribed Lyrica. I was in excruciating pain, could not sit or stand comfortably because my hip and leg were covered in lesions. I hadn't slept in days and days, had double vision and blurriness, I can't remember everything. One night I was bent over my ironing board for balance, listening to tv at 4am since I couldn't see and couldn't sleep and a commercial for Lyrica came on. As they read off the side effects at the end of the commercial, I realized I had every one. And when they played the commercial the second time, I was sure. I called my doctor's office in the morning and found I would have to slowly taper off the medication over a period of I think around 2-3 weeks. I still wonder when the shingles effects subsided and were taken over with the medication side effects. Good Luck and I hope you get some answers soon.

    1. Our family has a history of responding badly to medications so I was not surprised. I wanted it to work. I read up on Prolia also. That eto follow this medication for life.🤔.
      Maybe since I have had no fractures ever...I can continue with exercise and a proper diet? I don't know.

      Goodness, what an ordeal you had!

    2. Sorry...I meant to say that this medication is an injection every 6 months and it supposed to go on forever? Not sure about that. There seems to be some hope for some other estrogen type therapy but we shall see. Thanks!


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