Sunday, May 29, 2022

Sunday Arty Stuff

I am doing a photo album of just 'tree' stuff. I'm trying once again to follow some of the local trees on our road and the forest through out the year.

It isn't just about the trees themselves but more of a study on how the trees shapes just amaze me. They are an artform all their own.

Below: Apple Blossoms

I think I like this one below a bit better...
for its artsy minimal effect

Below: Cherry Blossoms in the morning light

Below: Cherry Blossoms in Neighbor's yard

Birch tree

Oak Tree with catkins

Most of these photos were taken in mid May. That is how far behind I am in addressing my photography. The yard and gardens sort of took over and I'm just about finished now except for planting sweet corn [I'm going to do a no till experiment that may fail miserably].  

I also have a rough spot in the yard that I'm going to dig up a bit and toss in a couple of packets of wildflower seeds.

Today looks like a good day to just chill out.


  1. I don't look at this as photography. I look at it as fine art!

  2. The black and whites are great to see. I am tempted or get distracted and don't try them often enough. Catkins is a word I forget when I need to have it for some variety of trees.

  3. Nice photo's. I have a thing about trees, particularly large old ones. I've always wondered what they might tell us...what they've seen etc.

  4. Your Oaks are ahead of ours! I love trees too!

  5. Pretty pretty!! Both "experiments" should turn out, as long as the corn doesn't get choked/shaded out. Will be interesting to find out.

    1. I'm still out on the corn. I have so much other work to do like trying to maintain some weed control in the pasture! Uff.


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