Sunday, February 28, 2021

Playing with color

I was feeling antsy and decided to walk to the ridge before sunrise on Friday. I did notice that a very light Hoar Frost had settled on the trees along with a low lying fog.

Taken with my unmodified camera. ")

Some wind blew as I passed the neighbor's yard and frost dissipated everywhere.

I'm just not able to help myself. I took the Infrared camera along with me.
I can't stop being curious about how things would look in a different light. I keep thinking that if I keep at it, I may even get proficient at it in all situations.

Seriously, I do not know exactly why certain colors show up. Items that reflect a certain kind of light appear a certain way. I can't explain it very well without referring to a long drawn out article on what spectrum the human eyes see and what we can't see.
In the 720nm spectrum, green leaves become white and the sky becomes very orange.
This is shot in the 665nm spectrum. 

I used a method called channel swapping to achieve these colors below.
The reddish tint on the trees can be yellow, reddish, or desaturated to be white.

And in the other direction...I removed the color in the trees but kept the bluish sky.

Have you gotten tired of Infrared? Two more samples from late afternoon.

This is with the 550nm filter. I haven't gotten the hang of it quite yet and I find I don't like it very much. The photo that comes out of camera is absolutely ugly.

I've did the channel swapping and the it still was horrible. More than likely it is because there isn't any bright green leaves, pines, or water to really make this sort of workable. Ick.

Edited to black and white, I find it somewhat pleasing, especially the sky.

The old car in the run off ditch is rusty colored but I sort of like this after I balanced the snow to pure white.

I went to black and white with this also.
And I loved it. The details in the rust came out like magic in B&W.

So maybe this filter isn't so bad as it shows variations in tone nicely.
Last year I did have one great day with that filter at the KVR big pond.

The thing I like about IR is there are no rules of color. It is like giving a kid a box of crayons and telling them to go wild.


Stay tuned for Dragons.
And a Foggy walk in IRChrome.


  1. I love playing with filters. Usually on a computer photo program, as my camera settings remain untouched for consistency. But...ultimately, I go with the "natural look" for the blog. About the only thing I do is flood the picture with color to the max. Mostly because the light here is just a little too bright and white-washy. Sometimes I mess with the clarity button as well. Only if the image needs to be more sharp. Love the photos!

  2. The sunrise in the corn field is just awesome:)

  3. The weather was nice on Friday. Glad you got out to enjoy and take photos that make you curious. Light is ever changing and makes everything super interesting. I got out too, but very briefly. Haven't been put since. Busy time, and now everything has turned to mush and mud. Blech.

  4. I love those photos, especially the reflection one on the bottom! I would love to get an alt camera and take some photography classes some day.


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