Sunday, October 31, 2021

Sunday Stills #26 ~ Light

Funny how this was on my mind when I went out to exchange SD cards on my Trail Cameras.

The low afternoon light was rather fun and it set the moss glowing on the downed logs.

I had some trolls in my pockets. I mean, doesn't everyone? I wanted to try and get some sun-flare or backlit shots of them.

This morning I walked past my kitchen trunk and saw this....

Light or lack of light

Star trails:

This shot was more messy as I was pointed right at the milky way...

Me walking through a photo with my headlamp while watching the skies for an Aurora Borealis. [Taken with the Infrared converted camera and no filter]

And last. I was trying to do a 'Stars' selfie with a head lamp.
It didn't turn out as I turned slightly because I heard a noise during the 25 second  exposure.... I like it anyway because it speaks to me of all the fun I had last night.

Light. I love it and also those days with a lack of light.

Sunday Stills #26


  1. I am wildly impressed! Beyond impressed even. These are incredible.

    1. Thank you so much. I just enjoy having fun!

  2. Some fun photos! I have never tried to do star trails. Did you get to see the aurora borealis?

    1. No I didn't but I had fun anyway.

  3. Your trolls are nakee, brrr! I like how they glow. Nice series & play with light. Really like the last photo!!

    1. I got my first troll in the 1960's and they came without clothes. I just found out that toys are no longer sold without clothing! Nekked is not acceptable now I guess. I got these at a second hand store for about .50 a piece.
      Thanks, we all enjoy light!

    2. Our trolls all came naked too. Many stayed that way, other ones wore borrowed clothes & hair pretties. I’m think Ive seen naked smaller ones sold not too long ago. Regardless, trolls are adorable!!

    3. I recall making them cave man clothes out of felt when I was a kid. Capes and pants. It was a lot of fun. I preferred trolls over dolls.
      I think my sister and I ended up with about 27 trolls!


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