Thursday, October 07, 2021

It's about trees, I think

 A while ago I read a book that mention the interesting but odd tree or bush if you called Witch Hazel. So I started paying attention to the local trees and bushes on my walks around our gravel roads.

For the life of me I ran across one particular bush or small tree that I could not Identify. It confused me to no end. I looked up Witch Hazel as I was pretty sure that this odd plant had to be it.

I was sure until I was hiking at KVR and spotted a real Witch Hazel bush!

Those strange looking flowers gave it away. It was alongside the trail  crowded with every other imaginable plant.

Now that I know where I can find them, I will have to make sure to go back when the leaves fall and take another shot of them. 
The idea of them being so odd makes them something I'd love to have in my yard.

The other bush or small tree that I thought was the Witch Hazel was obviously not one. However I finally nailed it. No book showed it the way I was seeing it. And what plants have catkins in the fall? 

I used that to start my search and I found this to be

A Hazelnut Tree or Bush...

August photo:

Two weeks later:

I must say they really are kind of pretty. 

I've counted about 4 of these alongside one part of the gravel road. Again they are sort of hidden amongst many other trees and bushes. But I found them exotic in a way. 
They are obviously much different than oaks and maples which also line this road along with dogwoods.

And then finally on my walk Tuesday morning:

Apparently the catkins stay there all winter. They are the male part of the bush/plant and flowers will appear on the ends of the female branches come spring.

Nuts will appear in the late summer and if a person likes Hazelnuts, they have to get to them before the birds and other wild creatures do.

I know I will walk up there during one of the first frosts or snows and see if I can't get the catkins covered in white!

Another favorite of mine, Bittersweet in August:

Bittersweet October 5th:

The berries will disappear over winter.

The Dogwood in August looked like this:

Now? Just barren branches with no leaves.

I think I may have identified a pin cherry. But I am not sure quite yet. I need to do a bit more research.

I'm starting to recognize the trees and brush. This was something I never really paid attention to before. But what the heck. Learning is fun.


  1. Nice photos wish we had Bittersweet here! You have the tree bug...good for you...I minored in Forestry but there is so much I have forgotten:)

    1. The bittersweet looks amazing with frost on it in the winter. I know the birds eat it. I've been trying to figure out another tree or bush. These are places I've walked past for years and never given a thought to. Now I am.

  2. The Hazelnut is new to me, I like it! It’s fun to learn more about what grows around us, and observe as they change through the seasons.

  3. Well, I didn't know about the Hazelnut either, however I know they make Hazelnut coffee ... which I am not a fan of, but I just think they are very cool little trees and very interesting. I saw a Witch Hazel tree trimmed to make a twisted and gnarly formation! That would be cool!


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