Monday, October 18, 2021

The art of play?

 A friend of mine just commented that I am Nuts, but in a good way. He is a retired IT Guy. He cannot quite understand my world of play. 

My father was a very creative and imaginative soul. My mother is also. Both were master story tellers. Dad's creativity is well known in the commercial world of the 60's and 70's. 

My husband shakes his head at me when he sees me 'messing' around with my toys. 

Some people distract themselves with other things. I like photography and I am a fan of that little strange niche of  Toy Photography. It is engaging and fun. It is similar to doing Still Life and Fine Art but with an imaginative twist.

Saturday was a play day. I painted my dollhouse furniture that came colored in Pink. Pink for mini wood creatures? Nah. 

I did keep some bright colors for my these pieces. These little wooden figures came to us in the mail from one of my childhood friends.
She sent me her childhood collection of wooden 'zoo' critters.
Of course the donkey would love that toilet!

This summer I complained about this big old trunk that I moved out of the living room and set in an unused spot in the kitchen/dining area. I put some boards on it so I could use it as a folding table, but somehow, it has morphed into a play area.
Oh wait. No, it is a decoration area. See? See the Fall sign and the leaves?

Even Groot had to get in on the things! I purchased the wooden mushrooms at the Farmer's Market. They just go along with my critters so nicely. 

Then I had a lightbulb moment. Last year BJ sent me some Halloween windup toys. Crazy and fun little things. I couldn't use some of the toys unless it was really near Halloween.

So...with a bit of help from Charlie, I set the toys up on the floor in the living room.

Charlie was fascinated by the little witch who walked and wobbled when wound up. He was startled by the teeth that clacked. Rich and Charlie were quite entertained.

I decided to try just a plain white board for the back round. Other wise you'd see the door to our bedroom and the concentrator.

That was a bleh photo and not interesting. 
So, I tried a composite using ON1's Sky Swap just for kicks.
This rocks! 
This was a fun experiment. 
I can add my own photos to Sky Swap. The possibilities then become 
boundless for doing some interesting composite Still Life work.

Just think if I'd added smoke and fog in the foreground!
Brewwww hahahahah.....


  1. Maybe your IT friend would understand it better if he related toy photography to writing code. Finding the correct characters, and putting them together in a sequence that produces a function? Kinda sorta similar, not really but if the person works with anything remotely creative (ex. websites or animation). Most IT doesn't, they are troubleshooters. My X is an IT guy, and I dabbled in it when I went back to school for web design. It was not for me. I'll be damned if I am going to spend endless hours looking for a bracket that is in the wrong place lol.

    It is great that you re-did the furniture, to fit your vision. Your attention to detail is masterful! Yes, I notice. Things like the way bear is standing on his scarf, or the direction of the toys eyes. Makes a big difference!! Your end photo of the clackers is perfection. I hope you set more than one off at the same time, I would have!!!

    1. Thank you. Not sure my friend would get it. He lost the art of play a long time ago. It is interesting to see those who react as if I am off my rocker and those who seem to just smile knowingly and nod.

      I am a detail person and try to engage the toys with the camera make something that is happening most of the time.
      The furniture painting is fun and experimental. I am trying to make it look used and like it came out of a Hobbit House

  2. Anonymous11:09 AM

    I'm smiling at all the fun!!

  3. You had a fun day! That last shot is just perfect!


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