Thursday, October 28, 2021

Not as it seems?


"When we look at a rock, what we are seeing is not the rock, but the effect of the rock upon us."
~Bertrand Russell

I found myself looking for reflections that were odd. It didn't start out that way. 

I had no intentions of looking for anything specific when I took Charlie for our hike in the forest yesterday. 

However, my feet found their way to the valley and the creek where I could find some water.

I just became fascinated with the little creek and all of the neat reflections I found. I hadn't hiked this area most of the summer. 

I kept finding interesting perspectives.

This is Rich's favorite shot from my walk, he loves this one and calls it The Floaty Rock.
He usually doesn't take much interest in what I discover. But he really liked this one.

It isn't even in perfect focus, but I'll keep it anyway. The odd part was the plant reflection. It looks out of place and strange. Enough to make a person question their eyes.

In another spot, as I got ready to take a reflection shot, a slight breeze rippled the water and it looked like the water was hand painted.

I had a few good Up/Down shots that turned out. Here is one that feels out of balance. The photo looks upside down but I included the edge of the tiny pond and Charlie [out of focus].

When I turned back west towards our fence I glanced up the valley and was startled to see a white tree with brilliant red leaves. I thought it odd and impossible.
So I pulled out the camera and zoomed in....

If I had been standing in any other place, it would have been evident that the birch was just in front of a tall oak. But from a distance it looked pretty strange.

On our land portions of our creek are bone dry. I think some of the springs may still flow but not where you can see them. Here is the view of our creek bed that is normally at least ankle deep and knee deep in the the spot where  the large rock is.

Parting shot, from my upside down world.


  1. Beautiful reflection & shots! I had to chuckle at your shadow photo. I took a very similar one a few days ago, on a morning walk when the sun was casting looong shadows. Rich picked a good name for that photo. That is a colorful birch ;)

  2. It is a floaty rock, I like your upside down tree also! We have spots in this area that are dry too after the drought this summer. It may take a season or two to recover:)


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