Saturday, October 30, 2021

The Wintergreen Trail

When the weather is crappy or I just need a nice trail that goes out and back, I like to hike the Wintergreen Trail. In every season it has something to offer that is interesting.

Summer provides cool fungi and hoardes of skeeters if it is damp. Winter can provide hidden Ice Falls and a frozen river along with colored ice from places where water seeps across the trail.

Fall can provide stunning views of the river before the green grasses turn brown. The oak and maples leaves cover the trail in a reddish hue which makes you gasp as you walk along.

Red and green. Nature's own way of decorating! Friend Bill and our fearless leader, Charlie took us on this hike. Charlie hangs out with Bill on a bench because when Bill eats an apple, Charlie always gets more than one piece of apple.

We had a conversation about this hiking sign. I told Bill that it was a warning to hikers that there were Carnivorous Trees in the area. 

I always make up some silly story regarding trail markers in the KVR. I can't help it. Bill kept trying to figure out what I meant. But that is Bill. 

He had a laugh when we reached the end of the bluff and I said "This is where the Little Ponies wanted to stop and look around!"
I dumped some My Little Ponies out of my back pack and started to arrange them in the unique ferns.

Bill just smiles and shakes his head when I do the toy thing.

Hey, MLP like to go on adventures too!

I climbed down to the prepiece of the bluff and studied the variety of moss and lichen I found there. There were so many colors and kinds.

I guess I'll need to get my Moss and Lichen books out to see if I can even find something that look similar.

We ambled back to the parking area and parted ways. Charlie was more than ready to take a nap in his car seat. 

Tonight I may have a chance to see the Northern Lights. I need to brush up on any sort of photo skills I could try to get a picture of them. If not. I will just enjoy the experience.


  1. The clouds just cleared here, when we were out we saw no evidence of Northern Lights...and the best time for us was supposed to be when were out:( That trail looks so pretty all covered with leaves! :)

  2. Is that a river or a trail? Wet leaves are fun to walk in when bow hunting, but not fun to sit in. Looks like the ponies had a good time at least.


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