Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Testing testing

I guess I should not have looked a the email that came in after my 'bone density scan'. You know, you get some results and instantly a person is curious.

I was reading the numbers and the 'scores'. Hmmmm. 
There were a lot of numbers with a negative sign in them. Lumbar 1 to Lumbar 4.
Then the right hip and the left hip. I expected some sort results regarding my left hip as it seems to be always a bit ... well, a bit of an irritant to me. 

Most mornings I get up and feel a bit like a truck has run over my low back. Usually I can walk around and it gets much better.

I want a good grade, you know? Like an A+ or something. I don't think I got that. 
One should not try and look up test/scan results on their own. 

I decided that I was just fine thank you very much. I would wait for my doctor to call me about that D- it feels like I got.

In other good news. My supervisor, Charlie loves riding the 4 wheeler with me. I had to put out a 50 lb salt block and didn't feel like hauling it out by foot. I put it in the cart and fired up the 4 wheeler.

The Mighty Little Dog came bounding out and took a leap then climbed up my leg to sit in front of me. He stood on the machine and supervised as long as the machine was running.

Just for fun, we took a long tour around the winter pasture to glance at fences and look for some fungi close to the house. Here is a shaggy mane mushroom as it grows and one after it spores out.

While watering the mules in another pasture, I found these by the roots of the stump of an old Ash tree.

Sir Charles also supervised my work when I cleaned out the gutters and tossed wet yucky leaves into my flower garden where they can make nice soil.

Tuesday looks nice and overcast with a hint of rain. I think it will be a good day for a nice long hike. I hopefully will explore a new trail or just do a road walk.
I have one more doctor test to do and I put it off.

The Fasting Lab. I don't dislike the poke or anything. It is the NO morning coffee that gets me cranky. All of my other labs came back just perfect. Let's hope I don't get results in an email that make me go Uh-Oh Again!
I loved driving the hot rod Subaru...Even parked, it looks speedy.


  1. Shaggy mane, finally a mushroom with a fitting common name ~ ha ha! I’ve never seen one of these either. Keep ‘em coming! I don’t know what to say about test results. In some ways, I would rather not know…

    1. Oh the test results ~~ I imagine they will be explained to me. It is stupid to try and determine these things on your own. After thinking about it, the test results are not that unusual for my medical history and genetic disposition.

      I am going to go out and look for interesting things. Because I know that is what I love to do.

      I would love to find some coral fungi as well as some Lion's Mane. I need to get near a creek I guess.

  2. Wow that Shaggy Mane sure changes! Good for Charlie to go for a ride! I had a Bone Density scan and the Dr said I should take a special pill but she never prescribed it. I do take Calcium so maybe that will help. Lower Back...I think that is from doing heavy work...hauling heavy stuff kick my back pain up and standing still. So I keep moving:) Charlie is pretty cute on the four wheeler...he would drive if he could!

  3. Shaggy manes are Edible! And medicinal! We have been looking for them as they sprout up near the path in certain areas. We always grab them when they are "fresh" which is not very long. They literally begin to turn black as soon as we pick them. Coral fungus are cool, I have eaten the yellow ones ( Very peppery!) and the crowned tipped. The Crowned tipped are awesome if you can find them. And Lions mane. I eat them every day in my coffee! ( 4 sigmatic mushroom coffee. Very tasty!) If only we could find one growing around these parts.
    That Subie looks epic! Can't tell if it is the Ascent or a new version of the Outback. Pretty sharp looking!

    1. The Subie is an XT Outback model which I think means it is tougher faster, bigger engine and it can tow! It can do more off road stuff than my regular Outback.


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