Sunday, October 17, 2021

Sunday Stills #24

Bugs Eye View.

This was pretty hard for me because I got sooo distracted.

Moss 'flowers'

Big Foot. My dog's foot.

Fungi. Laid the camera on a log because I love flip screens!

After I did these I followed bees and a tiny yellow butterfly around like a kid.




  1. Great bug level photos! The light was beautiful today, you captured it well.

    I took a photo of a foot too (Tanks) with plans of doing all our 4 legged family. I decided to go a different direction. Then, I was going to get behind a bug. I am happy to say I did not see any on our walk.

    It was a fun challenge!

  2. That is a Magical little mushroom. So cute.

  3. I like them all! I hope to get something on Monday...the grass was wet! :)

  4. Great photos! The lighting and depth of field on the mushroom is great